Producing high-precision torque wrenches has always been the pursuit of all bolt tool manufacturers. A high-precision torque wrench releases accurate torque to help bolts tighten better, giving them a more stable state and longer life.

In this article, TorcStark will discuss with you which torque wrench is the most accurate. I hope it can help you choose a more suitable product when buying a torque wrench.

Now, TorcStark will detail the accuracy of each torque wrench by wrench classification.

Click torque wrench:

Mechanism: This is the most common type of torque wrench. It has a clutch mechanism that produces an audible “click” when the required torque is reached, and usually releases or slips to prevent over-tightening.

Accuracy: Normally, the accuracy of standard click torque wrenches is between ±4% and ±6%. Many professional-grade wrenches have an accuracy of ±1%, but these wrenches are usually very expensive. Therefore, click torque wrenches are mainly used for automotive work, mechanical assembly, and general maintenance.

Beam-type torque wrench:

Mechanism: This type uses a simple lever arm with a calibrated scale to indicate torque. When force is applied, the lever bends and a pointer indicates torque on the scale.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the beam torque wrench can reach about ±4% to ±6% under normal use conditions. Therefore, the error between the actual torque output value of the beam torque wrench and the indicated torque value we see is between ±4% and ±6%. This type of wrench appears in DIY tool kits and is used in working conditions where torque accuracy is not required.

Dial-type torque wrench:

Mechanism: Similar to beam wrenches, dial wrenches have a pointer on a round dial that indicates torque. It is more accurate than a beam wrench.

Accuracy: The accuracy of dial-type torque wrenches can reach approximately ±3% to ±5% under normal use conditions. It does have a bit more accuracy than a beam torque wrench. So you can see it emerging in settings like labs and some industrial settings.

Electronic torque wrench:

Mechanism: This type uses an electronic sensor to measure torque, usually displaying the reading on an LCD screen. It can be more precise and provide additional features such as data logging.

Accuracy: Electronic torque wrenches are one of the high-precision torque wrenches. Its accuracy can reach about ±1% to ±2% under normal use conditions. Therefore, it is mainly used in industries where accurate torque values are critical.

The electric torque wrench produced by TorcStak has an accuracy of about ±2%. The torque output range is 100Nm-8000Nm. It is mainly used for fastening large bolts in the industrial field.

Hydraulic torque wrench:

Mechanism: Hydraulic torque wrenches utilize hydraulic pressure to apply torque. They are capable of delivering very high torque and are commonly used in heavy machinery and construction.

Accuracy: The accuracy of a hydraulic torque wrench can reach approximately ±3% to ±5% under normal use conditions. Because of its high torque output, it is used for large bolt and nut tightening tasks in industries such as oil and gas, construction, and shipbuilding. Therefore, the error of ±5% is very large.

The accuracy of hydraulic wrenches manufactured by TorcStark is around ±3%. And it can output 14k torque. This helps you tighten large bolts with better and more precision.

Pneumatic torque wrench:

Mechanism: These wrenches use compressed air to create torque. They are powerful and suitable for applications requiring high torque.

Accuracy: The accuracy of a pneumatic torque wrench can reach approximately ±5% to ±7% under normal use conditions. Therefore, pneumatic torque wrenches are often used in the automotive, manufacturing, and construction industries.

TorcStark manufactures heavy-duty pneumatic torque wrenches with an accuracy of around ±5%. The output torque can reach up to 13500Nm. Mainly used for tightening and disassembling large bolts in industrial fields.

Adjustable torque wrench:

Mechanism: Adjustable torque wrenches allow the user to set a specific torque value within a certain range. They may use a click mechanism or have visual indicators.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the adjustable torque wrench is between ±4% and ±6%. It is not the most accurate of all wrenches. But adjustable torque wrenches are versatile wrenches that can be used in multiple industries. Especially in working conditions that require different torque settings, its advantages are even more obvious.

Insulated torque wrench:

Mechanism: Insulated torque wrenches are designed for electrical work and feature an insulation layer to prevent electric shock when working on live parts.

Accuracy: The accuracy of the insulated torque wrench can reach approximately ±4% to ±6% under normal use conditions. Its main function is for electrical installation and maintenance. High torque accuracy is not pursued.

In the end

The above is an introduction to the torque accuracy of various types of torque wrenches. As can be seen from these contents, the most accurate one is the electronic torque wrench. The lowest is the pneumatic torque wrench.

Choosing the right torque wrench depends on factors such as the required torque range, accuracy, and the specific tasks it will be used for. When purchasing a torque wrench, you must not blindly pursue high precision and ignore the reality.

Of course, if you have trouble deciding which type of torque wrench you should buy, you can contact us for personalized service. TorcStark will help you solve your bolting problems.