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What is an electric torque wrench?

An electric torque wrench is a wrench powered by electricity and is a bolting tool used to tighten bolts. It is mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, especially high-strength bolts for installing steel structures. When high-strength bolts are used to connect the joints of the steel structure, bolt groups are usually used.

What is a Pneumatic Torque Wrench?

A pneumatic torque wrench, also known as a ratchet wrench, is a tool that provides high torque output. It allows an object with a certain mass to rotate at an accelerated rate, and then hit the output shaft instantly, thereby obtaining a relatively large torque output. Compressed air is its main source of power.

Pneumatic wrenches are widely used in automobile maintenance, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly (often referred to as “pulse tools”, designed for precise torque output), major construction projects, installation of wire threaded inserts, high torque output, etc.

Pneumatic wrenches are available in every standard ratchet socket drive size, from small 1/4″ drive tools for small assembly and disassembly, to 3.5″. Pneumatic wrenches are generally not suitable for the fastening of ceramic or plastic mounting parts.

Pneumatic wrench or electric wrench, which has a higher output torque?

When using a wrench, you need to consider the torque of the wrench. If the torque is not enough, it cannot be used for some heavy equipment. So, the pneumatic wrench or the electric wrench, which has a larger output torque?

The torque of the pneumatic wrench is mainly related to the air intake and can be adjusted. The torque of the electric wrench is mainly related to its power. Generally speaking, the torque of the pneumatic wrench is larger, about 900-1200Nm, and the torque of the electric wrench is generally 200-300Nm.

What is the difference between an air wrench and an electric wrench?

Traditional wrenches are manual. With the development of technology, pneumatic wrenches and electric wrenches have gradually become available. Both pneumatic wrenches and electric wrenches are wrenches, but there are certain differences between the two. The main differences are:

1. Different power sources: the pneumatic wrench uses the compressed air provided by the air compressor as the power source, and the electric wrench uses the electricity as the power source.

2. There are also some differences in the principles of the two types of wrenches: in terms of reciprocating operation, the pneumatic wrench adopts piston motion, while the electric wrench is realized by cam conversion.

3. Different use: Compared with the electric wrench, the pneumatic wrench has no heating and overload faults, and is more suitable for long-term work without heating. Electric wrenches are relatively heavy and have requirements on the working environment, so they are not suitable for long-term work.

4. In terms of economy, the pneumatic torque wrench needs to be equipped with air pressure pipeline equipment during the initial investment, but if it is used for a long time, it will cost less in energy consumption and tool maintenance. The initial investment of the electric wrench is low, but if it is used for a long time, the energy consumption is high, and the cost of tool maintenance and replacement is also high.

5 An pneumatic wrench is primarily a tool that provides high torque output with minimal consumption. It accelerates the rotation of an object with a certain mass through a continuous power source, and then hits the output shaft instantly, so that a relatively large torque output can be obtained.

Pneumatic torque wrench or electric torque wrench, which one is more suitable for you?

Both the pneumatic torque wrench and the electric torque wrench have the advantages of high efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, and are mainly used for auto repair, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly, major construction projects, installation of wire threaded inserts, and any other projects that require high torque output.

Therefore, it is necessary to decide which type of wrench to use according to your needs and the actual situation.

1. The advantage of the pneumatic wrench is that the speed adjustment and output power adjustment are simple, and it can provide more choices in the speed range. It has large torque, no heating and overload failure, and can work in various bad or harsh environments.

2. The advantages of electric wrenches are high accuracy, long service life, safety and reliability, low price and low noise.

In addition, in the harsh working environment of flammable, explosive, dusty, wet and impact, the pneumatic torque wrench can well meet the demand. If there is a stable power supply, using an electric torque wrench is the best choice.

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