(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)

There are many types of torque wrenches on the market, which are mainly divided into four categories, manual torque wrench, electric torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench, and hydraulic torque wrench. Each type of torque wrench has its own characteristics and advantages, which TorcStark will introduce in detail below.

Manual torque wrench

A manual torque wrench is a torque wrench that requires manual operation. Mainly suitable for tightening or removing small bolts and nuts. Below are some standard manual torque wrenches.

1. Mechanical sound alarm

This torque wrench uses the principle of leverage. During use, when the torque reaches the set torque, there will be a sound of the mechanical collision, and the wrench will become a dead angle to prevent over-force.

2. Digital display type & pointer type (dial type)

The working basis of these two types of torque wrenches is to alarm the mechanical sound and visualize the applied torque.

3. Sliding type (self-sliding type)

This twisting hand adopts overload protection and automatic unloading mode. When the torque reaches the set torque, the force will be removed automatically (there will also be a sound of mechanical collision), and then the wrench will automatically reset, and it will slide when force is applied again to avoid overforce.

The mechanical sound alarm is cheap and widely used among the above types of manual torque wrenches.

Electric Torque Wrench

An electric torque wrench refers to an electric wrench that can set the torque value. It is mainly divided into two types: current type and dynamic torque sensor type.

1. Current type

The basis for judging the torque value of the current torque wrench is the change in the current value during the tightening process of the motor. During use, when the wrench reaches the predetermined torque, the motor will stop working immediately.

2. Dynamic torque sensor type

The dynamic torque sensor type is to install a sensor on the tightening shaft, which can detect the change in the torque value. When the predetermined torque is reached, the motor will stop working.

The electric torque wrench has the advantages of high precision, long service life, and low failure rate, and can play a role in many fields.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench

The pneumatic torque wrench uses the compressed air in the compressor as the power source to drive the starter motor in the torque wrench and make the gear tighten the bolts. There are mainly oil pressure pulse types, clutch types, and dynamic torque sensor types.

1. Hydraulic pulse type & clutch type

Both of these are automatically cut off after the torque value reaches the set value to avoid excessive force.

2. Dynamic torque sensor type

After the torque value reaches the set value, the controller controls the solenoid valve to cut off the air, the wrench stops, and no more force or excessive force is allowed.

Among the pneumatic torque wrenches, the hydraulic pulse type is welcomed by many people because of its no reaction force, but it is not suitable for soft connecting bolts.

Hydraulic torque wrench

The hydraulic torque wrench is powered by the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic pump. Driven by the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic oil enters the hydraulic torque wrench to drive the rotation of the hydraulic wrench ratchet to tighten or remove the bolts. Hydraulic wrenches are mainly used in industrial manufacturing and are the best solution for large bolts. Hydraulic wrenches are mainly divided into square-drive hydraulic wrenches and low-profile hydraulic wrenches.

1. Square drive

The square-drive hydraulic wrench is suitable for all bolts and various working conditions and has a large output torque. It is the first choice for tightening and dismounting many industrial bolts.

2. Low-profile

The hollow hydraulic wrench is suitable for bolt tightening and dismounting in a small space, with high precision, flexible use, and simple operation.

In the end

The above is a detailed introduction to the classification of torque wrenches according to different driving methods. Torque wrenches can be divided into more categories in other ways. Such as high-torque torque wrenches, ultra-thin hollow hydraulic wrenches, constant torque wrenches, impact electric wrenches, digital torque wrenches, and so on. Each type of torque wrench has its own optimum working conditions. Therefore, when purchasing a torque wrench, you must choose according to your own needs.