With the global adjustment of energy structure and the response to climate change, wind energy, and other clean and renewable energy sources have received increasing attention and attention. In the contemporary era of energy shortages, clean energy has been paid more and more attention, while wind power generation has been widely adopted globally because of its low initial construction cost and short overall construction period. For a period of time in the future, the prospects for the development of wind power are very broad. The overall market environment determines that more wind power plants will appear.

Because of the green environmental protection of wind power, it has received more and more praise and promotion. Convert wind power into electricity and supply it to electric machinery. The advantage of wind power is not only environmental protection but also saves a lot of non-renewable resources. Of course, wind cannot be converted into electricity by itself, and mechanical assistance is naturally needed in this process. Wind turbines are mechanical equipment that converts wind energy into electrical energy. Wind turbines are relatively large-scale machinery. During the installation process of wind turbines, it is necessary to rely on the help of some installation machinery.

The hydraulic torque wrench is one of the special tools for wind power installation. I believe everyone knows it very well. Hydraulic wrenches are widely used in many fields. They are favored by everyone due to their lightness, efficiency, and speed. Now we mainly say Let’s take a look at the special torque wrench for wind power hoisting, let’s learn about the characteristics of the special hydraulic wrench for wind power hoisting.

What are the characteristics of the special hydraulic wrench for wind power hoisting:

1. High torque output: The special hydraulic wrench for wind power hoisting has a high torque output capability to meet the torque requirements required when installing large wind power equipment.

2. Adjustable Torque: They feature an adjustable torque feature that allows the desired torque value to be set based on specific installation requirements and specifications.

3. Durability: Due to the harsh environmental conditions encountered in wind farms, special hydraulic wrenches for wind power hoisting use high-strength materials and wear-resistant and anti-corrosion coatings to ensure good durability.

4. Protective measures: Taking into account the use at high altitudes and harsh environments, the special hydraulic wrench for wind power hoisting has dust-proof, waterproof and other protective measures to ensure its reliable operation under various conditions.

5. Safety: They are designed with various safety features such as overload protection, torque limit, etc. to ensure safety during use.

6. Portability: In order to facilitate movement and use in wind farms, special hydraulic wrenches for wind power hoisting have suitable size and weight for easy portability and operation.

7. Reliability: Due to the need for long-term continuous use in wind farms, special hydraulic wrenches for wind power lifting have high reliability and stability to ensure that they will not malfunction during long-term work.

8. Suitable for work in harsh environments: Wind farms are generally located in remote areas such as Gobi, desert, and coastal areas, where there is a lot of wind and sand, severe corrosion, and harsh environments. In order to better complete wind power hoisting operations, special hydraulic wrenches must be used. Everyone must put a protective cap on the joint when using it to prevent dust and dirt from entering and affecting its operation.

9. The equipment is frequently used and labor-intensive: Due to the unique structure of the wind turbine, the tower, nacelle, hub, and blades are all connected by flange bolts, and the number is large. Professional hydraulic wrenches have outstanding performance in terms of output torque accuracy and durability and can be fully qualified for this job.

10. Stable power supply voltage: Small gasoline and diesel generators are often used at wind power installation sites. The voltage is not very stable, and the tower crane cabin is above 70m. The transmission lines are long and the voltage is unstable. It will cause the hydraulic pump station to be unable to start and the pressure cannot be reached. At this time, a gasoline engine hydraulic pump should be selected to drive the hydraulic wrench to tighten the bolts.

11. High requirements for hydraulic oil: If in the northern alpine zone, the temperature is below minus 10°, or even below minus 20°, in order for the hydraulic wrench to work better, the requirements for hydraulic oil are higher. Low-temperature aviation hydraulic oil should be used in alpine areas, and the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic wrench pump should be replaced frequently, and the entire hydraulic system should be kept clean.

A hydraulic wrench is an indispensable bolt-tightening tool in the wind power industry and is widely used in wind power, petrochemical and other industries. The development of wind power is mainly restricted by the two factors of wind turbines and power plant maintenance. For how to make wind power better and bigger, power plants in various places have their own opinions. The Dabancheng Wind Power Plant in Xinjiang, China’s largest wind farm, focuses on selecting wind turbines. The wind turbines of China HUANENG are basically standard equipment. Every year, more than a dozen units of wind turbines are installed and hoisted to continue. The power of development has added infinite power to the development of wind power. However, how to maintain a power plant, especially a wind farm with large machinery as its core, has become the biggest problem. Because of the nature of the machinery, small faults of the wind turbine are very prone to occur, so periodic inspection and maintenance have become The key to operations.

Because the overall parts of the fan are large and the assembly is too tight, the overall maintenance and construction are very difficult to operate. According to traditional manual maintenance by personnel, basically, a team can complete a wind turbine a day.

For the hoisting and maintenance of the wind turbine, the biggest difficulty is the assembly and disassembly of the mechanical parts. The too-fine structure determines that large-scale machinery cannot be used for assembly, and the efficiency of manual loading and unloading makes people feel helpless. In this way, only a small hydraulic torque wrench can solve the problem. Hydraulic wrenches are very important to the wind power industry. From assembly and deployment to post-maintenance, the use of hydraulic wrenches will greatly improve the work efficiency of construction workers and ensure the safety of workers.

The emergence of hydraulic wrenches, from a certain level, has a great role in promoting the entire wind power industry. Although it is just the same tool, it can be seen in all important projects. A batch of good hydraulic wrenches. Even the entire construction period and funding can be greatly reduced. As a wind power company, how to choose a batch of hydraulic wrenches for its workers has become an important guarantee in its development process. As a leader in the hydraulic industry, TorcStark hydraulic wrenches escort the wind power bolt business. TorcStark has appeared in many large-scale projects and has won praise from many companies and front-line workers around the world with its outstanding performance and quality.