Pneumatic, electric, and battery-powered torque wrenches have extremely obvious advantages and disadvantages in different working conditions. So do you know what their respective advantages and disadvantages are? Now, TorcStark will detail the advantages and disadvantages of these three types of wrenches.

Advantages of pneumatic torque wrench

In the production line or when a large number of nuts have to be locked, choosing a pneumatic torque wrench with a power device can save a lot of working time and manpower, and effectively improve work efficiency.

The operation of the pneumatic torque wrench is very quiet – less than 85dB(A), absolutely no impact, reducing damage to tools, sockets, and locked objects. These two factors allow the user to operate the tool comfortably, reduce fatigue and improve safety, and the maximum torque can reach 300,000N.m.

Pneumatic torque wrench provides precise torque control – repeatability is ±3%, equipped with sensor + solenoid valve switch, repeatability can reach ±2%.

The pneumatic torque wrench is characterized by its small size, lightweight, and high output power per unit weight. It can realize the advantages of large torque output, small reaction force, small environmental pollution, and low cost. Widely used in many fields such as aerospace, mining, petrochemical, railway, construction, heavy vehicle assembly and maintenance, and heavy equipment loading and unloading, especially in product production and assembly lines, especially where a large torque is required.

Disadvantages of pneumatic torque wrench

It must be assisted by a compressor and needs to be equipped with air-compressed pipeline equipment before use. And because of the pressure factor, the torque of the pneumatic torque wrench is generally smaller than that of the hydraulic wrench. It cannot withstand impact loads and transmit large moments.

It is not suitable for many working conditions with complex environments, because it requires huge power equipment to provide power, and it is inconvenient to carry.

Advantages of electric torque wrench

High precision (±2%), low failure rate, long life, programmable, can control torque and angle and can choose a variety of torque. Mature technology, stable performance, user-friendly operation interface, strong data processing function, low power consumption, low noise, flexible adjustment, automatic shutdown, stable torque, etc.

Disadvantages of electric torque wrench

Multiple system components and complex operations

When using the wrench system, it is necessary to start the computer at the same time, number the bolt information, record the information into the management software, make an electronic label, and paste it on the corresponding bolt. The function of the torque wrench can only be brought into play after the preparatory work is completed, the use efficiency is relatively low, and the operation is relatively complicated.

Accuracy and Price Conflict

At present, there is a dilemma between precision and price conflicts in electric torque wrenches. The wrench with higher precision is usually a digital constant torque electric wrench, and the price is generally higher. Most of the lower-priced ones are pointer-type torque wrenches with simple structures, which have low precision and are difficult to meet the requirements of use.

low level of intelligence

The existing constant torque electric wrenches all have the function of applying and monitoring the torque value, but how much torque value to apply to the bolts with different specifications still needs to be manually set. For the tightening torque value of different bolts, you need to consult the relevant manual or use the formula to calculate. The specific value of the pre-tightening force of many commonly used ordinary bolts needs to be determined by experience.

Not suitable for outdoor conditions

Many outdoor working conditions do not have a power source, so it is impossible to use an electric torque wrench for work.

Advantages of battery-powered torque wrenches

1. High reliability: The battery-powered torque wrench has high precision and can precisely control the torque value to ensure the tightness of the connection between the bolt and the nut, which greatly improves product quality.

2. Simple operation: The battery-powered torque wrench can set the torque value, which simplifies operation, reduces operation steps, and improves work efficiency.

3. Safe and reliable: The battery-powered torque wrench has a safety lock to prevent accidental operation, and can detect whether the bolts are fully tightened to avoid danger caused by loose bolts.

4. Easy to operate: The battery-powered torque wrench operates wirelessly and is not subject to environmental restrictions. It can be used in any environment, which greatly improves the convenience of operation.

5. High efficiency: The battery-powered torque wrench has a built-in digital display, which can monitor the torque value in real-time to ensure the accuracy of the torque and improve work efficiency.

Disadvantages of battery-powered torque wrenches

1. Expensive: Due to their advanced technology and high precision, battery-powered torque wrenches are more expensive than ordinary torque wrenches.

2. High maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of a battery-powered torque wrench is more expensive than an ordinary torque wrench because of its complex electronic components and technical requirements.

3. Specifications for use: Since the parameter settings of the battery-powered torque wrench are complex and require real-time monitoring, users must have a certain technical foundation to ensure correct use.

4. Environmental requirements: Since the battery-powered torque wrench has high precision requirements, the use environment must meet certain requirements so as not to affect its use effect.

5. Replace the battery: The battery life of the battery-powered torque wrench is short, so the user must replace the battery regularly to ensure the normal use of the battery-powered torque wrench.


The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic, electric, and battery-powered torque wrenches. When purchasing a wrench, you must choose according to its working environment and the advantages and disadvantages of each torque wrench. Contact us, and TorcStark will provide you with a service consultation for free.