In this article, TorcStark will present a detailed tutorial with video instructions on how to use our internal combustion engine hydraulic pump. We hope that this article will help you to use and operate our internal combustion engine hydraulic pumps with ease.

What is an internal combustion pump?

A combustion engine hydraulic pump is a gasoline engine that delivers hydraulic fluid to a wrench or hydraulic bolt tensioner. This gasoline sender converts chemical energy into mechanical energy by burning gasoline.

Operating steps of internal combustion engine hydraulic pump

  1. Open the oil tank cap
  2. Fill in 32# or 46# hydraulic oil, Fill until the upper level of oil gauge.
  3. Fasten the oil tank cap
  4. Open the tank cap and fill 0.6L gasoline engine oil, Fill gasoline.
  5. The handle of unloading valve and reversing valve are placed in middle position
  6. Put the throttle all the way down
  7. Pull the starting pull rope
  8. Close the damper after the gasoline engine is working
  9. Put the reversing valve to A port, fasten the unloading valve after pressure goes up
  10. Loosen the unloading valve, the pressure will hold
  11. Put the reversing valve to B port after finishing job
  12. Fasten the unloading valve
  13. Loosen the unloading valve after finishing job
  14. Adjust the reversing valve to middle position
  15. Turn off the throttle

Click the link above to view the video tutorial

Precautions for operation of internal combustion engine hydraulic pump

  1. Check the hydraulic oil before operating the hydraulic wrench pump, and add the hydraulic oil that meets the requirements in strict accordance with the oil volume instructions;
  2. Hydraulic wrench pump to add hydraulic oil, the oil volume needs to be added to 80% of the oil window;
  3. After adding hydraulic oil to repeatedly switch the hydraulic station, the air inside the exhaust before;
  4. Before the device is connected, are to check whether there is dust, fine sand particles in the quick connector, after using the dust-proof items to wrap the quick connector;
  5. The pressure of the hydraulic pump can only be adjusted from low pressure to high pressure, and vice versa is not accurate;
  6. When carrying out the commissioning of hydraulic wrench/hydraulic tensioner and hydraulic pump, it can not be adjusted at high pressure, and the pressure should be below 2200Psi;
  7. After the work is finished, the regulator should be released in time;
  8. Hydraulic oil pipe is strictly prohibited in the ground drag drag, bending, use is strictly prohibited coil and rotation.


The above are the operating steps and precautions for TorcStark’s internal combustion engine hydraulic pump. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.