Lug nuts or wheel nuts are used to secure the wheels on vehicles. Typically, lug nuts can be found on automobiles, trucks, and other large vehicles.

When it comes to removing or tightening lug nuts, the appropriate wrench is required. Therefore, in this article, TorcStark will recommend the top 7 electric torque wrenches for lug nuts.

If you’re in the market for an electric torque wrench for removing or tightening lug nuts, consider this list as a reference.


With 50 years of experience in developing top-quality industrial bolt systems, HYTORC covers a wide range of industries, from steel mills and mining equipment to refineries, power plants, wind turbines, and various high-strength bolts including wheel studs, lug bolts, and more. With authorized service centers worldwide, HYTORC consistently delivers rapid, professional service.

Among its range of battery torque wrenches, the Lithium Series II stands out as the premier choice. Here are its key advantages and features:

  1. Direct torque measurement enhances bolt connection performance.
  2. Nickel-plated all-aluminum housing significantly improves corrosion resistance and overall durability.
  3. Redesigned gearbox increases strength and reliability by 20%.
  4. Integrated back cover shock absorber absorbs impact forces, protecting the display screen and buttons.
  5. 36V brushless motor offers extended lifespan.
  6. Utilizes Bluetooth technology to record and store job data via the mobile application.
  7. Unlike battery-powered impact wrenches, this electric torque multiplier employs planetary gears for low-vibration torque transmission, greatly reducing the risk of arm vibration injuries.
  8. With speed and torque modes, the LITHIUM SERIES II electric torque tool swiftly tightens nuts and then provides high torque to meet bolt tightening specifications.


TORUP is an American supplier of hydraulic torque wrenches and pneumatic torque wrenches founded in 1996. Committed to providing assistance to its customers, TORUP collaborates with top material suppliers, machining experts, and sales channels to combine industry-leading technology with world-class sales feedback, ensuring ultimate durability, application adaptability, and most importantly, safety for its customers.

TORUP offers two series of electric torque wrenches: the VT and VT-E6 series. Each series boasts distinctive advantages and features:

  1. Ergonomic shape to handle every socket drive application.
  2. Constructed from the highest-strength alloys available.
  3. Simply durable, providing field-proven reliability.
  4. Torque tools specifically designed for lug bolts, featuring extended sockets and wireless versatility.
  5. Socket and reaction arm mounting in confined spaces.
  6. One model capable of carrying 1,000 foot-pounds.
  7. Lithium-ion 8.0 Ah rechargeable battery.
  8. High-precision brushless motor.
  9. Each unit calibrated in ISO17025 laboratories.

Red Torque Systems

RAD Torque Systems is a leading Canadian manufacturer of pneumatic, battery-powered, and electronic pistol-grip torque wrenches. RAD products find extensive application across various industries worldwide, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, aerospace, automotive, power generation, and manufacturing.

RAD offers a variety of battery-powered torque wrenches, including the B-EAD X, B-RAD Select, B-RAD Select Offset, and Digital B-RAD. These wrenches boast the following features and advantages:

  1. Brushless DC motor enhances durability and accuracy.
  2. Features a fatigue-resistant trigger switch.
  3. Standard handguard ensures operator safety.
  4. Equipped with a digital display screen.
  5. Long battery life, increasing torque cycles by 50% per battery charge.
  6. Automatically retains the last set torque even when the battery is removed.
  7. Provides high-precision output torque with a deviation of ±5%.
  8. Lightweight design conforms to ergonomics, reducing operator injury and fatigue.
  9. Suitable for working in confined spaces.


Alkitronic is a leading international company based in Germany, specializing in the development and production of specialized bolt tightening equipment since the early 1980s. Their product range includes electric, battery-powered, pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual systems designed for professional use across various industrial sectors. These products find wide applications in industries such as wind energy, steel structures, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, water/oil/gas/chemicals, as well as food and beverage.

Alkitronic’s electric torque multipliers are specifically designed for applications requiring high torque, fast operation, high precision, or a large number of connections. The torque output ranges from 100 Nm to 45,000 Nm for different models. Here are the advantages of Alkitronic electric torque multipliers:

  1. Automatic shut-off device ensures precise torque with up to 38 adjustable torque outputs and reliable repeatability.
  2. Extremely high assembly speed.
  3. Brushless synchronous motors operate with very high efficiency due to minimized risk of failure.
  4. Models with IP54 protection rating are moisture, dust, and rain resistant.
  5. The tool can be used with all international power grids (100-253V / 45-66 Hz) and offers constant torque accuracy.
  6. Highly suitable for mobile applications.


With 60 years of wrench manufacturing experience, PALRAD offers a diverse product portfolio including battery-powered and electric nut runners, hydraulic torque wrenches, pneumatic nut runners, power packs, tensioners, accessories, as well as measurement and testing technology.

PLARAD’s battery-powered tightening tools for torque and tension offer reliable and innovative solutions for every industry. The advantages of the Plarad battery tightening tool DA2 series include:

  1. Mobile battery charging indicator.
  2. Transparent operation via smart devices: displays bolt connection progress and equipment information.
  3. Control fastening operations and torque locking via the application, providing precise torque preselection.
  4. Immediate feedback when working with wearable devices such as smartwatches or augmented reality glasses.
  5. IoT chargers indicate battery level for more reliable work planning.
  6. Battery limitation control: active torque and battery monitoring.


ITH is the leading global supplier of bolt technology systems for bolts larger than M16. Founded in 1979, the company is headquartered in Meschede. ITH’s services encompass the development, production, and distribution of bolt tightening tools for industrial bolted joints.

The ITH battery-powered nut runner ADS series is the smallest and lightest battery-powered nut runner, yet capable of delivering torque up to 6,000 Nm (4,425 ft*lbs). It also features the following advantages:

  1. Battery torque wrench suitable for torques up to 6,000 Nm (4,425 ft*lbs).
  2. Brushless electronic motor for longer motor life without wear.
  3. Lockable safety swivel joint allows gearbox units to be positioned independently of the drive, enabling quick and easy positioning of the ADS. During bolt tightening, the user’s wrist is protected from the effects of reaction forces, promoting ergonomic design.
  4. The ADS type ITH battery-powered nut runner automatically shuts off once the target torque is reached. When the target torque is reached, the tool runs back a bit to avoid sockets or brackets getting stuck on the bolt connection.
  5. High reproducibility and ±4% accuracy.
  6. The ADS is particularly suitable for bolted joint maintenance operations with limited space or difficult access to power sources, such as wind turbines, wheel nuts, lug nuts, and offshore applications.


TorcStark is a hydraulic tool manufacturer with 20 years of experience. Its bolt tightening tools, developed for various industries ranging from oil and wind power to automotive and construction vehicles, aim to provide perfect solutions for fastening bolts.

The TorcStark electric torque wrench, developed in 2018, has undergone years of refinement and optimization based on real-world usage and user feedback, resulting in significant advantages in accuracy, reliability, and performance.

  1. Torque output range of 100-8000 Nm.
  2. High-power brushless motor ensures torque output accuracy even at low battery levels.
  3. Programmable preset torque settings.
  4. Robust 18V 8Ah battery provides up to 300 bolt cycles per charge.
  5. LCD digital display allows torque values to be adjusted every 10 Nm.
  6. Simple and safe operation with vibration-free and low-noise technology.
  7. Competitive pricing with outstanding value for money.

In the End

Each brand’s electric torque wrench showcased above boasts exceptional quality and performance, having undergone extensive testing and engineering optimizations over time. Regardless of which brand’s battery-powered torque wrench you choose, it is believed to enhance both your work efficiency and quality.