The hydraulic puller moves forward directly with the hydraulic starting rod, so the pushrod itself does not rotate. The hook seat can be directly adjusted forward and backward with the thread. During operation, as long as the handle swings back and forth slightly, the hydraulic starter rod moves forward, and the hook correspondingly retreats, and the object is pulled out. Which brand of hydraulic puller is better? There are many brands of hydraulic pullers on the market. How can we choose a cost-effective brand among them? TorcStark makes a comprehensive selection based on the brand awareness, quality level, after-sales service, innovation ability, consumer reputation and other indicators of each hydraulic puller, and publishes the data of this list, which is convenient for you to refer to when choosing a hydraulic puller brand.

American Stanley

Stanley Hydraulics has a proud heritage – a global leader in the development and use of innovative hydraulic products in a wide variety of industries and applications. Stanley Black & Decker, a 165-year-old company, is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the manufacture and sale of quality tools for professionals, industrial customers and general consumers. As a member of that, we at Stanley Infrastructure Hydraulics are committed to providing our customers with innovative customer-driven product design, world-class performance, unmatched product support and exceptional value.

United States Enerpac

Founded in the United States in 1910, it belongs to the Actuant Corporation, the world’s leading provider of high-pressure hydraulic tools and equipment, and is a comprehensive industrial group focusing on hydraulic/electrical/power drive and engineering applications. Enerpac has always been committed to providing customers with the safest and most stable high-pressure hydraulic tools and pays attention to how to help customers maximize their work efficiency. Enerpac’s eight categories of products are well known in the industry. Among them, hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic jacks), hydraulic pumps, bolts and nut tools and other products have become the best choice for many domestic and foreign users.

USA Power Team

Founded in the United States in 1912, a subsidiary of SPX, a world-renowned brand in the field of high-pressure tools and equipment, the world’s leading supplier of fluid technology solutions. Its product line covers hydraulic cylinders, lifting equipment, hydraulic torque wrenches, various hydraulic pumps, pneumatic lifting pack, bolt and nut tools, various hydraulic valves and accessories.


A world-renowned hydraulic tool brand from the United States, a leading supplier of hydraulic fastening system solutions, and an enterprise engaged in hydraulic torque wrenches/hydraulic bolt tensioners/electric climbing aids/fan fire fighting/fan gearbox filter devices. Over the years, TORQLITE’s professional experience and world-class solutions have been helping companies around the world to solve various bolt tightening, disassembly, flange leakage problems, and have gained a high reputation.

UK Hi-Force

Hi-Force is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic tools. Products are widely used in many industrial fields, more than 2000 products include hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, torque tools, bolt tensioners, pressure measuring pumps, pullers, crimping pliers and cutters, nut splitters, flange separators, driving machines and other related industry tools.

United States HYTORC

Starting in the United States in 1964, it is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic torque wrenches with a long history in the world. Its products have the characteristics of small size, lightweight, safety and convenience, and easy operation. The products are sold in more than 50 countries, occupying 92% of the market in the United States and 75% in the world. The key for HYTORC to become the first is to meet the needs of users, to constantly seek new changes and perfect after-sales service. The biggest features of the HYTORC hydraulic torque wrench are small size, lightweight, larger relative output among similar products, easy operation, safety and reliability.

U.S. Hydratight

Founded in the United States in 1901, it is a well-known brand in the field of hydraulic bolts and tensile products and services worldwide, and a leader in the field of hydraulic and electronic tools and supplies/high-level position motion control systems. In the past 30 years, Hydratight has had a rich product range through continuous development, which can be used for fastening, connecting or lifting of various mechanical structures and pipes. Hydratight has become synonymous with efficiency and correctness, whether in terms of products for wrenches and bolt tensioning equipment or technical aspects of on-site machining. Especially in meeting customers’ demands for precision, speed and safety, it has been fully trusted by customers.

Sweden Atlas Copco

On February 21, 1873, Atlas was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, to manufacture products for railways. After 145 years of development, Atlas Copco has become a world leader in the compressor industry, tools and many other products. Maintaining close working relationships with our customers, striving for excellence and always keeping our promises to our customers have made Atlas Copco what it is today. Atlas Copco is the world’s leading provider of industrial productivity solutions.

United States TorcUP

American TorcUP is an international company specializing in the development and production of bolt tightening and dismantling tools with a high starting point. It is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, and has sales and service networks in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. The annual sales volume of its hydraulic wrenches has been ranked the top two in the same industry in the world for many consecutive years. Since its establishment, American TorcUP has become a leader in technological innovation in the industry with its unique design, innovative solutions and perfect after-sales service.

United Kingdom BOLTIGHT

BOLTIGHT is a specialist in hydraulic bolt tensioners, headquartered in the heart of the West of England, home to the bolt and nut tool manufacturing industry. BOLTIGHT has a number of designers with more than 40 years of design experience, so it has a leading position in the field of product development and application. Boltight has always been at the forefront of hydraulic bolt preloading. Their preload tools provide a quick, accurate and safe solution for tightening and loosening multiple bolts at the same time. Boltight is a brand of Nord-Lock Group. Since 1982, the Nord-Lock Group has been committed to providing customers with high-quality, safe and innovative bolting solutions.

China TorcStark

In 2000, TorcStark was established in Dezhou, China. After more than 20 years of development, TorcStark has become an expert in the field of hydraulic wrench/tensioners in China. Its hydraulic wrenches, tensioners, synchronous jacking systems, hydraulic pullers and other products have repeatedly appeared in various large-scale industrial projects in China. Now TorcStark has become one of the largest providers of industrial bolting solutions in China, and its products have a market share of up to 70% in China. Since 2000, Torcstark has always adhered to the needs of users, achieved a triple-win situation for sellers, customers and end-users, and continuously improved product quality. In terms of accuracy, speed and safety requirements, Torcstark has been fully trusted by customers.

In The End

The above is the introduction of the top ten well-known brands of hydraulic pullers in the world. If you have a demand for hydraulic pullers, you can compare the hydraulic pullers of the above brands and choose the most cost-effective one.