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Synchronous jacking system, specially designed for large and heavy structures, controlled by computer, can realize all-round high-precision displacement of XYZ axis, which is the best choice for large-scale jacking projects.


RMCD Series Volume Synchronous Lifting System

Modular design, can control 4-99 points. Displacement sensors and pressure sensors can be monitored in real time as needed. High precision and synchronous lifting control.

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PMC Series Pulse Width Synchronous Lifting System

Equipped with variable frequency drive motor (VFDM) and PLC device to ensure precise synchronization and flow control. Human-machine interface, data storage and recording functions.

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FMCS Series Variable Frequency Synchronous Control System

High-precision synchronous lifting, suitable for single or double-acting oil cylinders, continuous flow adjustment through VFDM technology, and better system stability and reliability.

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3DCS Series Three Dimensional Lifting System

Low height short distance vertical displacement (Y), horizontal displacement (X) and longitudinal displacement (Z) in hull welding, railway bridges, highway bridges or similar beam heavy duty areas.

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Intelligent Walking Type Lifting And Pushing System

The computer intelligently controls the precise displacement in 3 directions, which can automatically realize the adjustment of the X axis, push of the Y axis, and promotion of the Z axis.

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Intelligent Lifting Hydraulic System

The flexible steel strand is used to bear the load, and the lifting anchor has the self-locking function of reverse movement, which is suitable for hoisting large components in a small space.

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The synchronous lifting system is an electronic management system developed to control hydraulic movements. It can automatically open or close the control valve based on pressure feedback calculations and manually set requirements. It can compensate for the small error of hydraulic pump output or the difference caused by the cylinder size, so as to ensure that the load of the hydraulic system is within a specific difference range. synchronous lifting hydraulic systems are commonly used for bridge jacking or repositioning, heavy equipment jacking and lowering, structural leveling and structural testing, etc.

Hydraulic synchronous lifting jack system can control the lifting and positioning of any heavy or large structure, such as bridges and buildings. Regardless of how its weight is distributed, the synchronous lifting system ensures that all points can run synchronously through the calculation of the central computer, thereby reducing the risk of bending and tilting. By reducing manual operations during the lifting process, the synchronous jacking system can ensure the integrity of the interface, improve production efficiency, and provide the safest and most controllable lifting and positioning of large structures.

Torcstark has been manufacturing hydraulic synchronous lifting systems for over 20 years. We have helped many clients solve the lifting and positioning problems of heavy and large structures. By combining the power of a powerful high-pressure hydraulic system with the precise calculation and control of an electronic computer system, Torcstark can realize a jacking solution for any special heavy-duty large mechanism. At the same time, users can use their existing hydraulic systems in the Torcstark synchronous lifting system, providing an economical solution for many projects. When more control points and jacking points are required, the synchronous lifting hydraulic system provides multi-program control. Good scalability is the most competitive part of the Torcstark hydraulic synchronous lifting jack system. Torcstark’s engineers will provide you with a unique solution to meet your specific lifting and positioning needs.


The synchronized lifting system allows individual cylinders to be manually controlled and allows true computerized synchronized lifting and lowering. The system allows control of up to 24 lifting points and can be used with single or double-acting cylinders of the same or different lifting capacities.

Hydraulic synchronous lifting system with touchscreen and digital sensors for easy setup, control and navigation, provides load data and stroke alerts for optimal safety and integrates 10,000psi hydraulic pump and controls.

The hydraulic synchronous lifting jack system powers the interconnected hydraulic cylinders and has multiple working modes to suit different project needs. Monitor the precise movement and positioning of heavy loads with an integrated HMI. All movements are operated by a central controller, which updates the operation and the status of each lifting position in real-time.

The synchronous lifting hydraulic system monitors and manages the lifting, lowering, weighing, alignment and load transfer processes of unevenly distributed heavy structures, ensuring precise synchronization of oil flow, cylinder stroke and speed.

The synchronous lifting system has a friendly interface and a simple and clear menu to help technicians with simple and direct control. In addition, the system enables the recording and storage of operational data at user-defined intervals to continuously monitor the pressure and position of each lift point for safe and accurate control.

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