TorcStark is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic tools (hydraulic torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, hydraulic torque/tensioner pumps), focusing on solving bolt pre-tightening and disassembly problems in construction, petrochemical, oil refining, power generation, mining, oil and gas, shipping and other industries . 20 years of technology accumulation has made TorcStark’s products more perfect and irreplaceable.

We Promise

Provide safe, reliable tools and industry-leading after-sales support and services. All tools come with a comprehensive 12 months warranty.


We have a large inventory of finished products, which can achieve timely delivery and fast repairs and reduce long-term operating costs.

Technical Support

TorcStark has a global network of representatives, distributors, calibration centers and employees, and can provide technical support on a global scale. We can provide you with unparalleled technical support on site, over the phone or via Whatsapp and email.


All tools are designed to meet or exceed global high-pressure hydraulic tool standards.

Before shipped to customers, all tools are physically tested in our distribution center.

Each product is permanently marked with a separate serial number, and all cylinders, tools and pumps are issued with test certificates.

Maintenance Service

We provide reliable and fast maintenance services so that Torcstark products can be put into use again in the shortest possible time. Just contact us directly. The repaired equipment is carefully checked in accordance with our highest quality standards to ensure that it is in the best condition.

All warranty and repairs include free calibration.

All parts replaced for maintenance enjoy one-year warranty.

Calibration Service

TorcStark calibration laboratory provides the most advanced torque force measurement technology for accurate torque measurement and screwdriver setting. Calibration can ensure the quality of the threaded connection. Our measurement technology can measure threaded joints between 100 and 200,000 Nm.

Just contact us and we will discuss all the necessary details.

Complete tool operation analysis

Paper and electronic calibration certificate

Multi-pass calibration certification process

Custom Engineering

After 20 years of working on industrial bolts, we have solved almost all imaginable bolt challenges. Let our engineering team show you our results.

In order to improve production efficiency, TorcStark provides free engineering consultation and proposes the most effective solution for your bolting problem. After measuring application process or sharing CAD files, our engineering team will customize a solution that suits your work and when the design is completed, we will perform finite element analysis and other computer-aided stress tests to ensure the durability and longevity of the solution, and will create a 3D printing model to test the installation and operation. Once the design is perfect, the final product will be thoroughly tested in our laboratory to ensure safety and efficiency.

Please contact us by email, phone, and online chat. TorcStark will provide the perfect solution for your project!

hydraulic torque wrench tutorial

The square drive hydraulic wrench tightens the bolts under the power of the hydraulic torque pump. It reasonably finds the support point of the reaction arm, applies pressure to the hydraulic torque wrench many times, and then allows the bolts to reach the maximum torque. For more introductions and demonstrations of hydraulic wrenches, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and get updates in time.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner tutorial

First fix the bolt tensioner to the bolt, then start the hydraulic torque pump to apply pressure to the hydraulic bolt tensioner to lift the nut, then use a wrench to tighten the nut, and finally release the pressure of the hydraulic torque pump and remove the bolt tensioner. The bolts are tightened.

Hydraulic Torque Pump Toturial

Press the switch of the hydraulic torque pump several times and rotate the hydraulic valve to adjust and preset the pressure of the hydraulic torque pump.