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Множитель крутящего момента

ДомМножитель крутящего момента

Lightweight aluminum body

Supplied with reaction arm

Torque values up to 10000Nm
Single-stage planetary gear units with torque values up to 2800Nm

Models with two-stage planetary gear units with torque values up to 10,000Nm

Габаритный чертеж


Таблица спецификаций

МодельTorque(Nm)Multiplication RateInput Square DriveOutput Square DriveA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)D(mm)E(mm)Weight(Kg)

Advantages Of Multiplier Tool Wrench:

Torque Multiplier: A manual wrench with a torque booster. Offers a range of manually inputable output torques that the operator can easily achieve to provide accurate and efficient torque multiplication for engaging or dismounting joint fasteners. Or you could call it a labor saving wrench.

The torque multiplier consists of a planetary gear train that increases the applied force at each stage of the gear range. Although the gear arrangement is fairly simple, the torque amplifier wrench reduces the force required and increases productivity and worker safety. Multiplier tools are essential in heavy service work. Installing bolts, nuts and screws is a daily job in most production and assembly facilities, and using a torque multiplier wrench makes the job easier without wasting valuable time and effort.

Regardless of the tightening method, hand torque multipliers make work easier and less labor-intensive, increasing productivity.

Other reasons to use a multiplier wrench include:

They are safer than extended handles.
Wrench multiplier can reduce the length of levers needed to loosen or tighten fasteners by a factor of 5, 25 or even 125, depending on the type of multiplier. For example heavy duty torque multiplier wrench, lug nut torque multiplier, mini torque multiplier, etc.
Especially useful for loosening stubborn bolts.
Can be used to apply the right amount of torque to the application.
They eliminate most of the manual labor from tightening tasks.

The multiplier wrench provides a slower, more precise tightening process, ensuring fasteners are neither too tight nor too loose. As a result, they reduce the need for future repairs and readjustments, thereby increasing worker efficiency and productivity.

When Using A Torque Multiplier Wrench:

No power source: such as places where there is no air compression system or power supply, such as: outdoor engineering (rail laying, tower construction, etc.).
Where space is limited and extension poles cannot be used.
Where tapping tools cannot be used.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can a torque wrench and a torque multiplier be used together?

Yes, but please don’t use the torque wrench as a precise input setting, which will cause accumulated tolerances.

Why not use a torque wrench as a precise set point?

Many customers confuse multiplier tools with torque wrenches, which is a misconception. Although the output accuracy of the torque multiplier is 5%, it must have an accurate input value at the input end instead of setting it with a torque wrench. The torque wrench itself has a tolerance of 4%, plus the tolerance of the torque multiplier, it is about 9% or more, so when using the multiplier, the input end should be accurate torque input, rather than using the torque wrench as a standard.

Can the torque multiplier be used as a torque wrench?

The torque reducer wrench has an accuracy of 5% and there are no restrictions on how it can be used, while the torque wrench tolerance is 4%. In the application of lower precision requirements, a mechanical torque multiplier can be used instead of a torque wrench.


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