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1. Powered by the reliable air motor
2. Light and compact design, suitable for a variety of applications
3. Heavy duty gear box for long operation life
4. Low noise level without vibration
5. Repeatable torque output
6. Accuracy +/- 5%
7. Customized reaction arm available
8. One year warranty

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

Square Drive (S)3/4″1″1″1″1″&1 1/2”1 1/2”1 1/2”1 1/2”1 1/2”
Min. Torque (Nm)
Max. Torque (Nm)
Output Accuracy+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%+/- 5%
Repeatability+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 2%
Duty Cycle100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%
Tool Weight (Kg)
D (mm)7478788888113120128128
M (mm)172214214254254283292336336
L (mm)302344344384384413422466466
K (mm)195195195195195195195195195

Pneumatic torque wrenches are pneumatic torque tools that use compressed air as a power source to continuously output stable torque to tighten or remove bolts. Pneumatic torque wrenches usually have a digital display and torque adjustment function. By setting a torque, the air torque wrench will output torque to drive the nut and bolt to tighten. An air powered torque wrench can work quickly, precisely and consistently. Even in harsh environments, an air operated torque wrench enables safe, fast and easy bolt tightening.

The application of air driven torque wrench is extremely wide. From industrial production to daily life, air torque multiplier can be seen everywhere. Its application areas mainly include mining, rail maintenance, chassis maintenance, power generation turbine bolts, tower section bolts, turbine casing bolts, pipeline flanges, valves, pressure vessels, etc.

TorcStark pneumatic wrench has the fast operation and powerful torque output. As a heavy duty pneumatic torque wrench, its highest torque can reach 13500Nm. Our pneumatic tightening tools have unparalleled advantages in safety, accuracy, quality and price. A suitable pneumatic nut runner reaction arm can be customized according to the working conditions. If you are looking for an air nut runner with excellent accuracy and reliability, this PTW torque runner is the one for you, because TorcStark pneumatic nut bolt tightening machine is the most reliable choice in the industry.

Safety: The TorcStark pneumatic torque machine is lightweight and its ergonomic pistol grip reduces operator strain and injury while tightening bolts.
Power: The TorcStark pneumatic torque multiplier has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any pneumatically controlled bolting system.
High Accuracy: The Torcstark pneumatic wrench gun is a stall-type tool with controlled torque, ±5% accuracy and ±2% repeatability.
Price: TorcStark is committed to giving you the most cost-effective products and prices. The pneumatic torque gun price is so, and our product quality and price are very competitive.

If you need help choosing the best tool or High torque gun for your application, please call our bolting experts on 0086 531 82899663 or click the contact button above. We will work with you to solve your bolting needs.

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