There are many types of torque wrenches, including manual torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches, pneumatic torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, etc. Each type of wrench has its own characteristics and main application areas. Now, we will go into detail.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Application of Hydraulic Torque Wrench

In the installation and maintenance of equipment in energy, transportation, electric power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries, hydraulic torque wrenches can be used for the installation, disassembly and maintenance of important bolted connections, and complete the task of bolt assembly and disassembly conveniently and quickly.

Some bolts are installed in very narrow places, and it is not possible to tighten and remove the bolts by extending the arm or hammering. A hydraulic wrench is required.

Some equipment has been used in relatively humid places for a long time, and the bolts are seriously corroded and cannot be disassembled manually, so it is difficult to repair, and a hydraulic wrench is required.

When tightening and removing bolts on overhead pipelines and high-altitude equipment structures, it is very difficult for workers to apply force wear seat belts, and complete the work safely. A hydraulic wrench is required.

Features of the Hydraulic Wrench

1. Forged with aluminum-titanium alloy, low profile design, lightweight;
2. The plug-in structure is convenient to replace the working head, and the power head is integrally formed;
3. The oil pipe joint can be rotated 360°x 180, without space limitation and can be operated freely, which is suitable for compact occasions and convenient for positioning;
4. The strength design of the wrench is sufficient, with the overall lengthened design of the reaction arm and fewer moving parts, making the wrench durable and reliable;
5. Inclusive design, good safety, accuracy up to ±3%;
6. The design of the stop pawl can overcome the reversal of the ratchet wheel of the wrench and improve work efficiency and torque accuracy.

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Manual torque wrench

Applications of Manual Torque Wrenches

Manual torque wrench, also known as mechanical torque wrench, is mainly used in correct tightening of threaded connectors that have strict requirements on pre-tightening torque in aerospace, aviation, ships, automobiles, engines, generators, internal combustion engines, electric power, electronics, chemicals and other industries. It is an essential tool to ensure and improve product quality.

The torque range of the manual torque wrench is from 1N.M-3000N.M, with a wide range of preset values. The head of the wrench can be freely replaced with the open head and the ratchet head according to the customer’s requirements. For wrenches above 680N.M, the sockets are connected in a split type, paying more attention to the needs of customers in use.

Its advantages are that the range of setting values is large, the specifications are complete. It has the characteristics of high precision, beautiful appearance, comfortable hand feeling, and convenient use. The gear head can be replaced at will, and it is applicable to both left and right screw threads.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench

A pneumatic torque wrench is a torque wrench powered by a high-pressure air pump. The stable and continuous torque output of the pneumatic torque wrench makes it widely suitable for torque control in various nut and nutless connections.
When there is a nut:
Pneumatic torque wrenches are suitable for tightening or removing large nuts. The following are some of their applications:
Truck tire bolts, buses and large machinery;
Building steel frame structure;
High-pressure connections such as pipes, boiling water pumps and pressure conduits;
Nuts on the engine head;
Injection head on plastic injection molding machine;
heat exchanger;
heavy vehicle products;
In cases of no nut:
Pneumatic torque wrenches can be used when a source of energy is available when continuous high torque is required.
Typical applications include:
the operation of the ball valve;
Large trucks and overhead mobile cranes;
In construction, pneumatic torque wrenches are used in heavy equipment assembly
Reel adjustment in steel mills and paper mills;
Pneumatic valve.

Advantages of Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

In the production line or when a large number of nuts must be locked, choosing a pneumatic torque wrench with a power device can save a lot of work time and manpower, and effectively improve work efficiency.
The operation of the pneumatic torque wrench is quiet – less than 85dB(A), with absolutely no impact, reducing damage to tools, sockets and locked objects. These two factors allow the person using the tool to operate comfortably, reduce fatigue, and improve safety. Its maximum torque can reach 300,000N.m.
Pneumatic torque wrench provides precise torque control – ±5% repeatability, with sensor + solenoid valve switch, repeatability up to ±2%.
Because of its small size, lightweight, and high output power per unit weight, pneumatic torque wrenches can achieve high torque output, small reaction force, low environmental pollution, and low cost. It is widely used in aerospace, mining, petrochemical, railway, construction, heavy vehicle assembly and maintenance, heavy equipment loading and unloading and many other fields, especially in product production assembly lines, and where high torque is required.

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Electric Torque Wrench

Electric wrenches are mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, specializing in the installation of high-strength bolts of steel structures. High-strength bolts are used to connect steel structure joints, usually in the form of bolt groups.

High-strength bolts can be divided into two types: torsion shear type and large hexagonal type. The national standard torsion shear-type high-strength bolts are M16, M20, M22, and M24. Now there are also non-national standards M27 and M30. National standard big hexagonal high-strength bolts are M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30 and so on. Generally, the tightening of high-strength bolts must be initially tightened and then finally tightened, and each step has strict torque requirements. A constant torque wrench must be used for the initial and final tightening of the large hexagonal high-strength bolts.


The fixed torque electric wrench is divided into the rechargeable electric wrench and the ordinary electric wrench. Its main advantages are easy operation, time-saving, adjustable torque and high price.

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The above is the classification of torque wrenches and the main application fields and advantages of different types of wrenches. In industrial projects, 50% of safety problems are due to bolt tightening problems. Therefore, different professional torque wrenches should be used for different bolting applications. We have extensive experience in industrial bolting and provide one-stop bolting application solutions, welcome to contact us now for the best quotation.