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﹡ The intelligent lifting hydraulic system is computer-controlled overall lifting and lowering. The technology adopts flexible steel strand bearing, lifting steel strand hydraulic jack cluster, Computer control, hydraulic synchronous lifting principle, combined with modern construction technology, to achieve large tonnage, large span and large area of super large components at high altitude
The overall synchronization rises and falls.
﹡ By extending the combination of lifting equipment, the lifting weight, span and area are not limited;
﹡ The flexible steel strand is used for load-bearing, as long as there are reasonable load-bearing lifting points, the lifting height is not limited;
﹡ The lifter anchor has reverse movement self-locking, which makes the lifting process very safe, and the components can be locked reliably for a long time at any position during the lifting process;
﹡ The equipment is small in size, light in weight and large in carrying capacity, especially suitable for lifting large-tonnage components in small spaces or indoors;

Working Principle

﹡The lifting technology of the lifting jack is derived from the principle of concrete column tension. Think of the hoisting jacks as a set of linear winches. In the lifting jack, a bundle of wire ropes or strands is passed through a hydraulic cylinder, above and below the cylinder is an anchoring system that uses wedges to clamp the strands. When the clip is anchored, The jacking up or retraction of the cylinder is performed to raise or lower.
﹡The cylinder is driven by a hydraulic power pack (electric or diesel). The lifting system software program synchronizes the movements of the lifting jacks and adjusts the make adjustments to the load movement.
﹡There are two types of wire ropes for the hoisting jack: 15.2mm standard wire rope and 17.8mm dense wire rope. The dynamic load of the 15.2mm steel cable can reach 110kN, the dynamic load of 17.8mm steel cable can reach 155kN when working. The amount and type of wire used by the jack determine the load it can safely work with weight. For lifting applications, the safety factor (ratio of breaking load to working load) for lifting jacks is 2.5.

Specification Table

Steel Strand Diameter(mm)Lifting Force(KN)ModelNumber of Steel StrandsStroke(mm)Piercing Hole Diameter(mm)Weight(Kg)Dimensions(mm)



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