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1) MXTD series square drive hydraulic torque wrench is made of aviation aluminum alloy material. Its quality and durability are well guaranteed. The one-piece design makes it more widely used and more adaptable.

2) MXTD square drive torque wrench adopts advanced precision ratchet drive. The torque output accuracy is higher, and the maximum output repetitive torque is ±3%. The maximum working pressure is 70MPa, and it has 12 models with torque from 185Nm to 160000Nm. It is the product with the most complete specifications and the widest bolt coverage of TorcStark.

3) MXTD square torque wrench has a 360° x180° rotary tubing joint, which has a wide range of applications. The 360° x180 ° trigger lock can place the 360° fine-tuning reaction arm on any fulcrum. The direct-push drive shaft design can quickly switch between tightening and disassembly states, and the locking drive shaft can be customized according to your requirements.

4) The square head size of the MXTD square drive hydraulic wrench is 3/4”-4”. It can be used with TorcStark’s special square drive socket and can be applied to bolts of various specifications.

MXTD square drive wrench is double-packed, aluminum-plastic box and wooden box. TorcStark has well-stocked MXTD wrenches that can be shipped immediately. The shipping time depends on the shipping method, and the shortest time is 3-5 days. TorcStark provides a one-year product warranty.

The MXTD series square drive hydraulic torque wrench is a professional hydraulic torque wrench designed by TorcStark to launch into the international market. Aluminum titanium alloy aviation material manufacture, light weight, high strength; MXTD series torque wrench covers from 185-160,000N altogether 11 standard models, and the maximum torque can be extended to 160,000 Nm.

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

Torque (Nm)185 1852436 4364779 77891072 107151553 155282050 205012617 261713493 349284963 496275912 591237032 703158451 8451210512 10512014085 140848
Weight (Kg)
L1 (mm)138168207226250281304331390412418471507520
L2 (mm)194244296326366402442483558570596660729758
L3 (mm)637999110120132146158177188195204240246
H1 (mm)50708090100112120138150163166182190210
H2 (mm)7399124133146165183202219229236263291307
H3 (mm)96125152170186208226250282288300348392415
H4 (mm)140165193211227249267291323332366407447473
R1 (mm)263440465056606677808295108115
R2 (mm)107132162178199218240260298303325345380400
Square Drive3/4”1”1 1/2”1 1/2”1 1/2”2”2 1/2”2 1/2”2 1/2”2 1/2”3”3”3 1/2”4”


Product reference/part number will vary depending on options chosen.
Torque values will vary depending on bolt diameter, material, working conditions and the requirements of the equipment manufacturer.
The data may vary without notification.
Special specifications of drive axis and counter-acting force arm are customizable.

Main Feature

*Imported CEJN quick couplers

*Al-Ti alloy material, integrated design

*360X180 degree swivel joint, no space limitation

*360 degree reaction arm

*Square drive design, easy to convert between tightening and loosening.

*Advanced ratchet drive, torque repeatability +/-3%


Aircraft-grade Al-Ti alloy, unicase body, enhanced overall body for high- strength and high-durability


Accurate anti-backlash trigger, Prevents tool backlash from bolt-sticking,Faster bolt turning, Resulting in greater work efficiency.


Hose Liberty Joint,Allow 360*180 degree movement,Operational freedom,Excellent for tight spaces


The swift pressing hasp is able to locate the slight reversion arm at fixing point,High-strength supporting protection pad,High durability and anti- abrasion.




MXTD series drive wrench is a universal wrench, suitable for various industries and various working conditions. As long as there is enough working space, the MXTD series drive wrench can be applied, such as wind power, petrochemical, mining, shipbuilding, power plants, cement plants and other industries.

Using the MXTD wrench requires a hydraulic pump and hose. For the selection of hydraulic pumps, there are several situations:

1. The SP304 electric pump can be used in the case of alternating current. This pump has three-stage flow and high working efficiency. If the torque of the wrench is very large (such as 75MXTD, 95MXTD, the torque is above 100000Nm), we recommend using the DP304 dual-motor pump, which has a larger flow and higher work efficiency.
2. QMP304 pneumatic pump can be used when there is an air source.
3. The PHG220 gasoline pump can be used when there is neither AC nor air source

Hose: Usually you can choose a hose with a length of 6 meters. If you need a hose of 9 meters, 12 meters or longer, TorcStark can provide it.

The MXTD wrench can be used for flanges of various sizes under DN and ANSI standards. The specific wrench model should be determined according to the size of the bolt and the working space.

When a fault occurs during use, please contact our sales staff first, describe the fault in detail, and take clear videos and pictures for our technical staff to judge and analyze. Our technicians will give the perfect solution.

MXTD series drive wrenches are almost the same as HYTORC’s MXT series, TORCUP’s TU series and SU series, HI FORCE’s TWS-N series, Enerpac’s S series and other wrenches in terms of function, quality, and applicable working conditions. TorcStark offers a one-year warranty, better prices, and customized services for special conditions.

Q: Can the reaction arm be customized and lengthened?
A: Yes, TorcStark will customize the reaction arm according to the user’s needs. The drive shaft and socket can also be customized.

Q: Are the accessories compatible with other brands?
A: No, each brand has its own unique design structure and cannot be used universally.

Q: How is the quality? How to guarantee?
A: Our products have been verified by the market and are used in hundreds of wind turbines and petrochemical industries at home and abroad, with excellent customer feedback. In addition, we can provide the quality certificate or calibration certificate when shipping.

Q: How to set the required torque?
A: TorcStark will provide a pressure-torque comparison chart.

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