1) The KLCD low profile torque wrench adopts an integrated design and is made of aluminum-titanium alloy, which makes it stronger and tougher.

2) The working head and fulcrum of KLCD low profile hydraulic wrench are coaxial, with perfect structure and long service life. One power head can match different working heads.

3) KLCD low profile hydraulic torque wrench can run smoothly under a pressure of 70MPa, and have high accuracy, with a torque repeatability of ±3%. The 360×180 degree rotary joint allows it to be operated more freely in any small space.

4) There are 11 models of TorcStark KLCD low clearance wrench, with a very wide torque range from 237Nm to 85000Nm.

5) KLCD low clearance hydraulic torque wrench are packaged in double layers, with aluminum-plastic boxes and wooden boxes. TorcStark stocks a large number of KLCD wrenches, which can be shipped immediately. The shipping time depends on the shipping method, and the shortest time is 3-5 days. TorcStark provides a one-year product warranty.


Selection Table

Torque (Nm)345
A/F (mm)36-6046-8070-10580-11585-12090-13095-145120-145130-155135-180
Power head Weight (kg)
Cassette weight (kg)
L (mm)218266324382404427479479486514
H1 (mm)118139171205229240268285311336
H2 (mm)156167198231255265289302352375
W1 (mm)3242536468708598105117
W2 (mm)50668399105110132148160177
R (mm)31-4642-6258-7867-8773-9377-10283-128101-130


The KLCD series is ideal for narrow spaces with relatively small space requirements. Its application industries cover wind power, petrochemical, mining, shipbuilding, power plants, cement plants and other fields.

When using the KLCD wrench, it needs to be matched with a hydraulic pump and a hose. For the selection of the hydraulic pump, there are several situations:

1. The SP304 electric pump can be used in the case of alternating current. This pump has three-stage flow and high working efficiency.
2. QMP304 pneumatic pump can be used when there is an air source.
3. The PHG220 gasoline pump can be used when there is neither AC nor air source.

Hose: Usually you can choose a 6-meter hose. If required, TorcStark can provide hoses of 9 meters, 12 meters or longer.

KLCD wrench can be used for flanges of various specifications under DN and ANSI standards. The specific wrench model should be determined according to the size of the bolt and the working space.

When a customer finds a fault in the process of using the wrench, please contact our sales staff first, describe the fault in detail, and take a clear video and picture for our technical staff to judge and analyze. Our technicians will give the perfect solution.

KLCD series wrenches are almost the same as HYTORC’s XLCT series, TORCUP’s TX series, HI FORCE’s TWH-N series, Enerpac’s W series and other wrenches in terms of function, quality, and applicable working conditions. At the same time, TorcStark provides a one-year warranty, more favorable prices, and customized services for special working conditions.

Q: Can the reaction arm be customized?
A: For special conditions, the extended reaction arm and reaction pad can be customized.

Q: Can the same powerhead match working heads of different specifications?
A: Yes.

Q: Are the accessories compatible with other brands?
A: No, each brand has its own unique design structure and cannot be used universally.

Q: How is the quality? How to guarantee?
A: Our products have been verified by the market and are used in hundreds of wind turbines and petrochemical industries at home and abroad, with excellent customer feedback. In addition, we can provide the quality certificate or calibration certificate when shipping.

Q: How to set the required torque?
A: TorcStark will provide a pressure-torque comparison chart.

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