CLCD Series Fork Wheel Type Hydraulic Torque Wrench

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1) The CLCD wheeled cassette hydraulic wrench solves the problem of small distance between bolts and pipes and limited height space. Due to the small radius of the head, it is very suitable for small spaces.

2) CLCD fork-wheel hydraulic torque wrench is made of high-strength alloy steel. The product is more wear-resistant, durable, and the service life is very well strengthened. It is very suitable to match with ordinary API flanges.

3) The power head of the CLCD wrench can be interchanged with the KLCD hydraulic wrench. But this model does not have a reserved function. After use, the hydraulic pump runs in the return direction, and the wrench needs to be repositioned after each cycle is completed.

4) The CLCD hollow hydraulic wrench is double-packed, with an aluminum-plastic box and a wooden box. TorcStark stocks a large number of CLCD wrenches, which can be shipped immediately. The transportation time depends on the transportation method, and the shortest time is 3-5 days. TorcStark provides a one-year product warranty.

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

ModelMax working pressureMax torqueNut range

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