A: Basically there are two types, square drive torque wrenches and low profile torque wrenches (also called hydraulic cassette wrench). But customized models are also available. You can find more details about special models from this link.

A: Generally square drive spanner is more versatile, it can be used for most conditions if the working space is enough. And low profile hydraulic torque wrenches is better for confined space considering the structure and slim body.

A: If any customer wants buy high torque wrench, you’re kindly requested to provide necessary information as mentioned below:

  1. What is the maximum torque value you need?
  2. What are your bolt sizes? M39 M42 or else?
  3. What is the strength grade of the bolt? Usually it’s 10.9 or 8.8. If you don’t know the answer for Question 1, then this one is very necessary to answer.
  4. Do you need torque wrench square drive or low clearance hydraulic torque wrench?

A: Please show us the model number and picture of your old model, then we will recommend the similar.

A: In this case it is suggested that you just need drop us an email (ID: TorcStark@gmail.com) and our sales representative will guide you to fill in a questionnaire, with this form we will recommend the suitable model for you.

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    Hydraulic wrenches are used in petroleum, wind power, heavy manufacturing, natural gas and factory machining to tighten and loosen bolts. When it is necessary to tighten heavy-duty bolted connections with large threads, torque units and torque wrenches are very effective. They are connected to the hydraulic pump and apply a specific amount of torque to the bolt (torque control is achieved by adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic oil) to prevent damage to or stress on the part that may be caused by over-tightening. They are designed for restricted spaces that are difficult to access. Low-profile torc wrenches are used in narrow or recessed spaces. Square-drive hydraulic torque wrenches use interchangeable sockets to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts. Our hydraulic torque wrenches provide a cost-effective solution for tightening various bolts.

    Our hydraulic bolt torqueing tools cover the entire Newton-meter range, up to 80,000 Nm. Allen wrench drivers or interchangeable hexagon sockets provide controlled tightening of fasteners of various sizes for each tool. Optional accessories further expand the application range of these products. TorcStark hydraulic torque wrenches are suitable for almost all bolt connection situations with the speed, torque accuracy and flexibility. In addition, TorcStark provides the latest hydraulic bolting technology with unique patent advantages, industry-leading safety and accuracy, and incredible repeatability, reliability and durability. TorcStark’s hydraulic bolt system is the original torque/tension machine.

    TorcStark has many years of research and manufacturing experience in hydraulic wrenches. As one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Hydraulic bolt torqueing tools in the world, TorcStark hopes to provide you with the most suitable hydraulic wrench for you. Therefore, if you want to buy a hydraulic wrench or want to know the price of torque units and torque wrenches, please contact us by email, phone, or online support. TorcStark will provide you with product brochures, torc wrench price lists and the best bolting solutions!

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