Model: QMP304

Type: Pneumatic torque pump

Application: Used for hydraulic torque wrench

Stage: 3 stage

Brand: TorcStark

Origin: Made in China

Warranty: One year

Packing: Wooden box

Delivery time: within 15 days

Main Features

*Use compressed air as the power source, applicable to coal mine etc, with advantages of anti-explosion, safety, no heat and long time working.

*High performance pneumatic reversing valve, safe and reliable, stable performance.

*Al-Ti alloy pump body, light weight, easy to carry.

*It can drive 2 hydraulic wrenches simultaneously or 4 if requested.

*4-70MPa adjustable pressure.

*Use 4-8 bar air pressure.

*It can be customized as requested.

*The pressure can be released after pressing the button when the pump stops working.

*Steel frame can protect the pump body and makes it easy to carry.

*Aluminium explosion-proof handle, solid and reliable.

Dimension Drawing

Selection Table

ModelGas sourcePressure(MPa)Flow(L/min)Oil tank (L)Dimension (mm)Weight (KG)
Pressure (bar)Rated power (kw)Air consumption (m3/h)HighMediumLowHighMediumLow

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