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SP2004 Electric Tensioning Pump
Manual relief valve (Standard)


SP2004 Electric Tensioning Pump
Solenoid relief valve (Pro)

Main Features

•The oil tank is updated into casting aluminium alloy.
•Pump is made of aircraft aluminium, smaller size and lighter weight.
• High-performance safety valve, stable pressure.
• High-performance radiator can guarantee long time working.
•Max working pressure 200MPa.
•Automatic switch between high and low pressure, high efficiency.
•Al-Ti alloy pump body, lightweight.
•Brushless high power motor, easy maintenance and long life.
•Applicable to bolt tensioner in shipbuilding, wind power etc.
•Plug-in quick connector, easy operation.

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

ModelOutput portPowerPressure(MPa)Flow(L/min)Oil tank






SP2004G1/4220V 1.1KW20030.32.58394*300*42024

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