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*Exd II BT4 three-phase asynchronous motor, applicable to explosion-proof occasions.

*The electrical control system adopts Exd II BT4 explosion-proof magnetic starter, safe.

*External pressure regulating valve, 7-70MPa adjustable pressure.

*3-stage plunger pump, high efficiency, low-pressure fluctuation.

*Equipped with a tubular protective frame, easy to move.


FBS manual reversing


FBD electromagnetic reversing


FBE automatic reversing

Specification Table

ModelOutput portPowerPressure(MPa)Flow(L/min)Oil tank






FBS204-12X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBS204-24X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBS204-48X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBD204-12X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBD204-24X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBD204-48X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBE204-12X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBE204-24X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075
FBE204-48X1/4 NPT380V 1.5KW7060.8610560*370*64075

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