Model: SP304

Type: Electric torque pump

Application: Used for hydraulic torque wrench

Stage: 3 stage

Brand: TorcStark

Origin: Made in China

Warranty: One year

Packing: Double packing, Aluminium plastic box + wooden box

Delivery time: within 15 days

Main Features

*High efficiency 3 speed flow pressure design, perfect simulation of manual operation,

fast speed when light load, low speed when heavy load, the bolt tightening is more precise.

*It can drive 2 hydraulic wrenches simultaneously or 4 if requested.

*Al-Ti alloy pump body, light weight and easy to carry.

*40-700 bar adjustable output pressure.

*Brushless high power motor, easy maintenance and long life, with starting capacitor, able to start with load, simple operation.

*High performance radiator, the fan starts automatically when oil temperature reaches 35 degree.

Vibration proof pressure gauge calibrated with dual scale reading for Mpa and psi, accuracy grade 1.0

High-precision, integrated design for easy replacement and maintenance

Smart oil temperature adjustment fan cooling system allows slower oil temperature increasing causes the pump station continuously running longer

Compact manual pendant with two push-buttons with 5m cord

Dimension Drawing

Selection Table

ModelOutput portPowerPressure(MPa)Flow(L/min)

Oil tank






SP304-24X1/4 NPT220V 1.1KW703260.81.687.6394*300*42027
SP304-48X1/4 NPT220V 1.1KW703260.81.687.6394*300*42027.5

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