Torque pump and tensioner pump is a hydraulic power unit that drives hydraulic wrench or bolt tensioner, which can realize precise control of hydraulic wrench or bolt tensioner, so as to accurately apply torque or pre-tightening force to bolts. Different working conditions require different hydraulic power pack. For example, hydraulic hand pumps are easy to carry, hydraulic electric pumps have a wide range of applications, hydraulic explosion-proof pumps are used in petrochemical projects. TorcStark has many years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of torque pumps and tensioner pumps. As one of the world’s best hydraulic power unit manufacturers and suppliers, TorcStark is committed to providing you with the most suitable hydraulic power pack. If you need torque pump and tensioner pump or want to know the price of a torque pump and tensioner pump, please contact us by email, phone, or online support. TorcStark will provide product manuals, hydraulic power unit price lists and the most suitable hydraulic pump for your project.


A: Basically there are two types, torque pump and tensioning pump. Torque pump is used for hydraulic torque wrench, tensioning pump is used for hydraulic bolt tensioner.

A: If you use the hydraulic power pack for hydraulic wrench, we will recommend two models, EMP304 and EMP204, both are hydrolic electric pump, EMP304 is 3 stage flow and has faster working efficiency while EMP204 is 2 stage flow, relatively slow efficiency but low cost.

A: For most models of hydraulic wrenches yes, but if the wrench is super big torque for example 140,000Nm we would recommend another power hydraulic pump
DP304 with double motors.

A: Please show us the model number and picture of your old model hydrualic power unit, then we will recommend the similar.

A: Yes it’s ok. In this case it is suggested that you just need drop us an email with all your requirements (ID: and our sales representative will get back to you very soon.

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    Hydraulic Torque/Tensioner Pump Videos

    What is hydraulic torque/Tensioner pump?

    Hydraulic torque pump is the power unit of a hydraulic wrench. Hydraulic tensioner pump is the power unit of a bolt tensioner. It is an energy conversion device that converts mechanical energy into fluid pressure energy, and is an energy device that provides pressure oil to the hydraulic transmission system. It is driven by the engine (internal combustion engine) or electric motor, sucks in the oil from the hydraulic oil tank, forms the pressure oil and discharges it, and sends it to the actuator. Hydraulic pump is the hydraulic power pack of hydraulic torque wrench or bolt tensioner. 

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