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    TorcStark has more than 20 years of history in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. jacks, raws. We provide our customers with quality products and services through the most extensive distribution network in the world. Our hydraulic jack cylinders are most commonly used in construction equipment, manufacturing environments and other heavy-duty applications where extremely heavy loads must be lifted or pushed. Whatever your lifting requirements, we’re sure to have the right solution. Reliability is critical when dealing with heavy loads. We specialize in heavy hydraulic equipment, in some cases, our single hydraulic jack is capable of lifting 1000 tons. And TorcStark also offers many different configurations of hydraulic cylinders and lifting systems, from hydraulic jacks for easy portability to products for precise control of multiple lifting points.

    What is a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic jack?

    A hydraulic jack cylinder is a drive element or mechanical brake used in equipment or tools. Pressurized hydraulic oil powers the cylinders and jacks. A hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylinder in which the connected piston moves up and down. One end of the cylinder barrel is closed by the cylinder bottom or “cap” and the other end is closed by the cylinder head or “gland”, and the hydraulic pump forces hydraulic oil into the cylinder. The pressure in the cylinder increases, causing the cylinder’s plunger to be pushed out. When moving the heavy object, the hydraulic jacks realizes the movement of the heavy object by lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling.

    The main structure of the hydraulic cylinder includes a cylinder, a piston with sliding rings and seals, and a piston rod. Structural differences exist in single-acting, double-acting, single-rod, and double-rod variations. The function of a single-acting cylinder is that one side of the piston is acted upon by hydraulic or other pressurized fluid, while the fluid acts alternately on both sides of the piston in a double-acting cylinder. If the cylinder is double acting, with a double rod design, the head of the piston is evenly covered by a rod on each side, with no force differential. This requires less force to generate a push or lift than a cylinder with a double-acting single-rod design.

    What are the return types?

    After the lift is complete, there are four ways of returning the plunger back into the cylinder:
    Gravity Return: The plunger is returned by a load or other external force.
    Spring return: The plunger is returned by a spring integrated in the cylinder.
    Hydraulic return: The plunger is returned by hydraulic pressure. Cylinders in which the plunger extends and returns hydraulically are also known as double-acting cylinders.

    How to choose the right hydraulic cylinder or jack?

    1) Measure!

    You should know what you are moving or lifting! This includes the weight of the object, the size of the object (balanced or unbalanced), and the height at which the object is to be lifted.

    2) Consider mounts!

    Cylinder mounts can be divided into two basic categories: pivot and straight. Choosing the correct mount for an application depends primarily on the desired movement of the load. Pivot mounts can be used where the load needs to move in an arc. Linear mounting is used when the load only needs to move in a linear direction.

    3) Working conditions!

    It is important to know the environmental operating conditions in which your hydraulic cylinder or jack will operate. This information is important for selecting the right materials, seals and finishes.

    TorSatrk offers many types of hydraulic cylinders, jacks and raws. Our extensive product catalog includes single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders, lock nuts, high-tonnage hydraulic cylinders and low profile hydraulic Jacks, as well as accessories and connectors necessary for jacks, nut separators, pipe benders and other additional products.

    At TorcStark, we strive to provide a comprehensive range of heavy lifting solutions. If our wide range of hydraulic cylinder jacks does not meet your needs, please do not hesitate to call us on 0086 531 82899663 – we will be more than happy to discuss a customized solution for you.