It is very important to choose a high quality hydraulic torque wrench. It can help you improve work efficiency and quality, and choosing the reliable supplier can not only save your money but also offer you perfect after-sales service.

1. Two steps to choose the right hydraulic wrench

1.1 According to the bolt specifications and the torque range of the hydraulic wrench power head

First of all, if the size of the nut is not clear, it is generally selected according to the opposite side of the metric bolt and nut and socket.

For example, the opposite side of the hexagon of the M36 nut is 55, M42 is 65, and M48 is 75. If the bolt specification span is too large and the torque span is large, two types of hydraulic wrenches should be used to pre-tighten these bolts.

Each type of power head has a corresponding torque range. When the opposite side of the hexagon of the nut is 19-55mm, the torque range used is 233-2330Nm. When the opposite side of the hexagon of the nut is 60mm, the torque range used is 240-2410Nm.

Different sizes of bolts and nuts require different pre-tightening torque. The larger the nut size, the greater the pre-tightening torque required. Bolts and nuts of the same specification have different strength levels and require different pre-tightening torque. The greater the strength, the greater the pre-tightening torque.

Therefore, the selection of the torque of the hydraulic wrench is based on the value of the torque required by the bolt and nut. Usually you need to provide the torque value. If you don’t know the torque value, you can check the corresponding torque value through the strength grade according to the strength grade of the bolt.

Therefore, determining the torque value of bolts and nuts is the first step and also an important step.

The size of the bolt and the strength grade of the bolt are the most critical parameters for the selection of hydraulic torque wrenches. Different bolts have different torques, and the same bolts have different strength levels, and the torques of different working conditions are also different.

For example, the bolt torque used in rolling mill equipment and chemical equipment is different. General design drawings will indicate the torque. One type of hydraulic wrench can only work on several similar bolts, and usually can match 1-10 sockets. The best construction method is an electric torque pump with two hydraulic wrenches, used diagonally, which can improve efficiency and output torque more accurately.

1.2 Site conditions of bolts and nuts

First of all, be clear about the use of hydraulic wrenches on site. The site usage determines which hydraulic wrench to choose. It’s also necessary to know the torque range of the hydraulic wrench, the specifications of bolts and nuts. If you don’t have this information, you can refer to the Table of Bolt and Nut Torque. Then, the wrench can be selected according to the on-site working conditions of the bolt and nut.

The hydraulic wrench is mainly used for pre-tightening and disassembling the bolts on the end face of the flange equipment. The end faces of the flange equipment are connected by bolts. After the torque value is determined, the bolts can be pre-tightened according to the torque required by the technical requirements. In order to prevent flange leakage, the edge space of each type of nut, the length of the bolt outcrop, whether there are obstacles above the bolt, and whether the reaction point of the hydraulic wrench is easy to find, all need to be confirmed. After confirming all the information, choose the most suitable hydraulic wrench for you.

2. Choose the qualified hydraulic torque wrench supplier

Choose an approved and long-qualified manufacturer of hydraulic wrenches and hydraulic tools, as their products quality and after-sales services are guaranteed, and these companies have complete R&D and production capabilities. Their products strictly follow the technical standards of the hydraulic tool industry from the purchase and processing of raw materials to the inspection and delivery of the products, so they are trustworthy.

Pay attention to distinguishing the seller’s qualifications and certificates, such as ISO9001, European CE certificates, factory inspection certificates, quality certificates from various authoritative organizations, etc.

You can ask the seller to send a real shot video of the product to tell whether the product meets your requirements. You can also go to the seller’s factory for on-site inspections and try the products on the spot to determine the overall strength of the supplier and whether the quality of the product is good enough.

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