The price of a hydraulic torque wrench ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. If you want to know how much a hydraulic torque wrench costs? We can analyze the following 4 points.

1. Material of hydraulic wrench:

The current mainstream materials are steel and aluminum-titanium alloy materials. The prices of these two materials are quite different. Aluminum-titanium alloy materials are much more expensive than steel, so aluminum-titanium alloy hydraulic wrenches are more expensive than steel hydraulic wrenches. The advantages of aluminum-titanium alloy hydraulic wrenches are lightweight and high strength, but the steel one is relatively cumbersome, which is very inconvenient for the operator. This is why aluminum-titanium alloy hydraulic wrenches are more popular.

2. Core component materials:

Such as sealing rings, solenoid valves, etc. These core parts are imported and domestic, and the prices are also very different. Imported ones are often much more expensive than domestic ones. Domestically produced, although cheap, often have problems such as oil leakage and heat generation. However, the use of imported components will reduce the occurrence of these problems, and at the same time increase the service life of the hydraulic wrench. So TorcStark hydraulic wrench has been using imported core components to produce hydraulic wrench.

3. Matching hydraulic wrench pump:

There are many types of hydraulic wrench pumps, and the price of each class is different—for example, manual pumps, manual reversing electric hydraulic pumps, secondary pumps, and tertiary pumps. Hand pumps are the cheapest, but are slower to operate and are suitable when there is no power on site. Manually reversing the electric hydraulic pump is very troublesome to operate, and it has to be manually reversed every time, which is basically eliminated now. Now many suppliers are still selling this hydraulic wrench pump in order to reflect their price advantage. At present, the mainstream is the secondary pump and the tertiary pump, which do not need manual reversing and directly use solenoid valves to achieve reversing. The difference between the two is that the three-stage pump is faster than the two-stage pump.

4. The service difference provided by the brand:

Before sales, TorcStark can send technicians to the customer site to measure and record the actual data. Realize one-to-one service for customers and respond to user needs in a timely manner. After sales, TorcStark dispatches technicians to the site for training and guidance. If the product fails, it will be the first time to call and video guide. If the problem cannot be solved, it will be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. If the time is very tight, we can also take the way of delivery to shorten the waiting time of customers.

The above four points determine the status quo of hydraulic wrenches on the market

1. Model: low-profile, driven

2. Application industry: wind power, oil field, steam turbine counter-wheel, converter, petrochemical plant

4. Configuration scheme: 1 for 2, 1 for 4, 1 for 8

5. Available bolts: M60, M80, M30, M36, M24, M33, M52

6. Available nuts: s52, s62, s15, s56, s64, s34, s77, etc.

I believe everyone will be wondering why you can’t find a specific hydraulic torque wrench on the Internet, how much is it? Because the user is not familiar with the usage of the hydraulic torque wrench and cannot match a suitable model, a specific quotation cannot be given. The following is the quotation table for the TorcStark hydraulic wrench, if you want to buy a hydraulic wrench, it can be used as a reference.

ProductNameModelTorque (Nm)Price ($)
Drive Hydraulic Wrenches1 MXTD185-18521142
2 MXTD302-30171427
3 MXTD436-43641522
5 MXTD779-77891903
8 MXTD1072-107152379
10 MXTD1553-155282664
15 MXTD2050-205012931
20 MXTD2617-261713521
25 MXTD3493-349284377
35 MXTD4963-496274948
45 MXTD5912-591236661
50 MXTD7032-703158565
Low-profile Hydraulic Wrenches2 KLCD237-2370951
3 KLCD345-34461142
4 KLCD546-54581408
8 KLCD1055-105501903
14 KLCD1848-184842664
18 KLCD2481-248142855
20 KLCD2909-290893235
30 KLCD4231-423113616
40 KLCD5209-520885139
Low-profile Hydraulic Wrenches1 WHCD233-23261142
3 WHCD345-34461427
4 WHCD540-53991674
6 WHCD769-76911960
8 WHCD1212-121162284
15 WHCD1992-199193197
25 WHCD3363-336293882
30 WHCD4377
35 WHCD5358-538516090
50 WHCD7522-752218565
Drive Hydraulic Wrenches3 BXTD485-4847951
8 BXTD1071-107121332
10 BXTD1512-151211522
15 BXTD2013-201301903
20 BXTD2909-290892474
25 BXTD3679-367953045
45 BXTD6058-605823806
60 BXTD8440-844035710
85 BXTD12017-1201767613
120 BXTD15936-1593559516
150 BXTD13323
180 BXTD15226
210 BXTD17130
Hydraulic Wrenches4JND4187
Front Hydraulic Wrenches1AXT2284
Roll Change Hydraulic WrenchHLCD2284