A hydraulic jack is a type of jack that uses a plunger or hydraulic cylinder as a rigid lifting component. With numerous hydraulic jack manufacturers on the market, how can you choose a cost-effective product among them? TorcStark has conducted a comprehensive evaluation based on various indicators such as brand reputation, quality, after-sales service, innovation capability, and consumer feedback on each hydraulic jack. They have published a list to help you choose a hydraulic jack manufacturer for your reference.

Germany Hahn+Kolb

The Hahn+Kolb Group is a trading company with over a century of experience in tools and equipment. Founded in 1898, the group’s headquarters are located in the industrial hub of Ludwigsburg, Germany. With 122 years of history, Hahn+Kolb is dedicated to maximizing customer benefits by providing comprehensive solutions and all-around services, striving to become a trusted partner for its clients. Over the past century, the company has become one of the largest system service providers in the tool and equipment industry. It has earned a high reputation for product comprehensiveness, professionalism, superior quality, timely supply, and exceptional service. Hahn+Kolb’s products cover nearly the entire industrial application sector and are widely used across various industries and environments. The company offers around 60,000 products and specifications in its catalog, encompassing machining, quality control, industrial assembly and equipment maintenance, and electrical installation.

Italy Beta

Beta Utensili, founded in 1923, has a history of 97 years. As a professional tool manufacturer with cutting-edge technology and advanced production equipment, Beta Utensili represents high quality. Adhering to ISO 9001 standards, Beta rigorously tests its production processes to ensure that every product meets high-quality standards. Beta Utensili is a global enterprise with an extensive logistics and sales network. It has eight overseas subsidiaries in France, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, and China, and sales outlets in over 200 countries and regions.

United States Snap-on

Snap-on was founded in 1920 and has now reached a full century of development. It is one of the world’s largest professional tool and equipment manufacturers and a leading innovator globally. Snap-on owns multiple world-class brands across various application fields. Its product lines include hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, tool storage units, cutting tools, and automotive diagnostics and repair equipment and software.

United States SATA

SATA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the APEX Group in China. SATA primarily deals in hand tools, automotive maintenance equipment, and personal protective equipment. SATA tools are used in various industries such as automotive repair and maintenance, energy construction, rail transit, machinery manufacturing, and electronics. SATA pioneered the “Lifetime Warranty” service, which has become the standard for hand tool services. By integrating APEX Group’s technological achievements, SATA has introduced products with patented technologies and innovative concepts. Drawing on APEX’s experience in engineering design and full vehicle service, SATA has expanded its business into automotive maintenance equipment. Committed to safety and health, SATA’s protective equipment features thoughtful designs to meet the safety protection needs of professionals in various specific work environments.

Germany GEDORE

In 1919, the Dowidat brothers founded the GEDORE Tool Workshop in Remscheid-Erdelen, Germany, known as the home of tools. Over 101 years of development, the GEDORE Group has established subsidiaries in over 70 countries worldwide and employs around 2,500 people at its headquarters in Germany and in Brazil, England, Australia, and South Africa. GEDORE is one of the European manufacturers with an extensive product range, offering 16,000 different products.

United Kingdom Hi-Force

Hi-Force is a leading British designer, manufacturer, and supplier of hydraulic tools. Their product range includes hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, torque tools, bolt tensioners, hydrostatic test pumps, puller kits, crimpers and cutters, nut splitters, flange spreaders, lifting systems, and other industry-related hydraulic tools. Hi-Force products are used daily in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals and refining, power generation, steel and aluminum plants, paper mills, sugar refineries, railways, mining, construction, shipbuilding and repair, aerospace, defense, heavy engineering, and thousands of industrial service companies supporting these market sectors. Key products include Hi-Force hydraulic tools, torque wrenches, hydraulic cylinders, jacks, torque tools, bolt tensioners, hydraulic pumps, crimpers, and pneumatic pumps.


The TRACTEL® Group was founded in 1941 and has 79 years of development. In 1975, a new generation of electric hoists emerged with the birth of the TIRAK™ hoist. Today, with TIRFOR® and TIRAK™ hoists, TRACTEL® Group has become a world leader in the field of manual wire rope hoists and electric hoists. Additionally, TRACTEL® Group is a world-leading enterprise in the production of façade access and work platforms for high-rise building maintenance. The group has also successfully entered the personal protective equipment (PPE) sector, becoming a world leader in this field. With a robust distribution network of over 8,000 dealers worldwide, TRACTEL® can meet diverse product demands from customers. Through its specialized sales team and global agents, TRACTEL® Group provides advanced solutions for the most challenging requirements presented by its clients.

United States Power Team

Power Team primarily manufactures hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic machinery and puller heads, hydraulic tools and maintenance tools, shop equipment, hydraulic accessories, radial piston air motors, hydraulic power units, impact wrenches, and RWP tire presses. Power Team’s high-force precision tools and the complete range of SPXFLOW hydraulic workshop equipment are distributed by the SA cooperative team. These products are widely used in maintenance, mining, power generation, construction, general industry, shipbuilding, rail vehicles, and across southern Africa.

United States STANLEY

Founded in 1843, STANLEY has a 177-year history. As part of Stanley Black & Decker, it is a world-renowned tool expert and one of the largest manufacturers of fastening tools. Over its 170-year history, STANLEY has grown into a global brand known for its reliability and high value. It has become the world’s largest manufacturer of tool products, owning top tool brands such as Stanley, Dewalt, and Facom. This has solidified its unshakable leadership position in the global tool industry.

United States ENERPAC

Founded in 1910 and part of the Actuant Corporation, ENERPAC has a 110-year history. It is a global leader in high-pressure hydraulic tools and equipment, specializing in hydraulic, electric, and power-driven engineering applications. ENERPAC is dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable high-pressure hydraulic tools, focusing on maximizing customer efficiency. ENERPAC’s eight categories of products are well-known in the industry; among them, hydraulic cylinders (jacks), hydraulic pumps, and bolt and nut tools have become the go-to choice for many domestic and international users.

China Torc Stark

Founded in 2000, TorcStark primarily manufactures hydraulic tools. Over more than 20 years of development, TorcStark has developed and produced a wide range of products, including cylindres hydrauliques, PLC synchronized lifting systems, clés hydrauliques, tendeurs hydrauliques, et pompes hydrauliques. To better serve its customers, TorcStark has established agencies in multiple countries worldwide and offers a one-year free repair and replacement service for its products. Additionally, TorcStark provides free synchronized lifting and bolt-tightening solutions in industries such as construction, petrochemicals, refining, power generation, mining, oil and gas, shipping, and bridge construction, earning support from customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.


Hydraulic jacks are commonly used in both everyday life and industrial production. From car repairs to bridge construction, hydraulic jacks play a crucial role. If you are interested in hydraulic jacks, feel free to Nous contacter at any time.