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FSH/FSM series

  1. Tip thickness / maximum separation distance: 6mm/81mm
  2. Maximum separation force: 8-14 tons
  3. Maximum working pressure: 70MPa


  1. Ideal for maintenance, service, testing and valve replacement applications.
  2. Integral separation wedge, frictionless, parallel and smooth movement, eliminating the risk of flange damage and separation wedge failure.
  3. Unique interlocking wedge design – first stage no bending and no slipping hazard.
  4. The required size of the insertion port is only 6mm.
  5. Step-shaped arm design, so that each step can bear full load.
  6. Fewer moving parts, durable and easy to maintain.
  7. Safety Block SB-1 and Ratchet Wrench SW-25 are included with the FSM-8 mechanical separator.

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

ModelMax Separation Force T(KN)Tip Thickness (mm)Max Separation Distance (mm)TypeOil Capacity (cm³)Weight (Kg)

Flange spreaders, also known as pipe flange spreaders or wedge spreaders, are available in various styles and configurations. It can hold small, medium or large flange joints, including those with no channel clearance. Wedge spreaders are our primary flange separation tool for pipe flanges of all sizes.

Flange spreaders are divided into hydraulic wedge/flange spreaders and mechanical wedge/flange spreaders according to different power sources. It is mainly used in pipeline maintenance, pipeline construction and testing, flange replacement, maintenance gaskets, pressure vessels, cylinder head opening, power plants, bearing disassembly, oil-electric drilling, motor rotor disassembly, offshore platforms, and jacking work, shipbuilding, industrial equipment, horizontal movement of workpieces and other industries.

How To Choose Flange Spreader Tools?

When choosing a hydraulic wedge spreader for your application, there are four main characteristics to focus on:
1. The width of the channel gap between the flanges to be separated
2. Minimum expansion force required to separate flanges
3. Mechanical and hydraulic type of operation required (manual options are also available for most hydraulic separators)
4. Flange size and required working range

Check out our flange separators Selection Table based on the above parameters to find the most suitable product. You can provide us the parameters and let us recommend the most suitable one for you.

So How Should You Use A Flange Splitter?

Hydraulic Flange Opener: First insert the jaws of the spreader between the two flanges. In most cases, you’ll need at least two or preferably three flange spreaders to do the heavy-duty work. They should be placed equidistant from each other. Then, each hydraulic pump connected to these flange spreaders can be used to separate the two flanges in a consistent, safe and unified manner until there is enough clearance for necessary maintenance and replacement operation.

Mechanical Flange Spreader: The first few steps for a mechanical flange spreader are roughly the same as for a hydraulic flange spreader. Use multiple elements and place the spreader’s jaws equally spaced between the flanges. But these units don’t have a pump, and instead include a ratchet handle to activate and control the speed and force of the spread. The handle can be switched to a counter-clockwise setting to retract the jaws and return the flange to a working setting.

Things you need to be aware of when using a flange splitter tool include anti-pinch jaws to hold the tool in place until pressure is released, the ability of the jaws to open to the desired width (most general-purpose handhelds have a width capacity of up to 3 inches) and a load reduction valve (for hydraulics) to control the closing rate.

TorcStark now provides the FSH/FSM series of portable hydraulic flange spreaders. The FSH/FSM Series flange separator tools has a minimum insertion clearance of 6.0 mm (0.25 in) and increase the expansion distance per step while making it easier to access any remaining studs in the flange joint. FSH/FSM series tools come standard with rotary handles, safety lanyards and stepped block attachments, and these tools can be used during pipeline construction, commissioning or routine maintenance. If you want to know the price of mechanical and hydraulic flange spreaders, please contact us by mail. TorcStark will provide you with the best flange spreader price and excellent customer service.

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