Oil And Gas Projects

We purchased five TorcStark hydraulic tensioners and hydraulic pumps for our oil and gas projects in February this year. Each of our bolts needs to have precise tension to ensure that the flanges will not leak and be connected effectively. TorcStark’s tensioner has a compact shape and accurately realizes the fastening of our bolts, providing us with a safe and effective solution for assembling flanges.

Hardy Brown

Power projects

With our more and more wind power projects, it is very necessary for us to find special bolting tools to help us install, maintain or dismantle wind turbines. It just so happens that TorcStark’s hydraulic tools meet a series of our needs. They can assemble and disassemble fast and safely. We really appreciate that. I do believe our cooperation is very pleasant and will continue.

Clark Evans

power station cooling tower

Our power station cooling tower structure requires hundreds of steel joints to be bolted together, and each bolt needs to be accurately torqued. This is challenging and takes a lot of time, but TorcStark provides perfect solution of accurate torque applied to the nut which greatly saves the time of fixing each joint bolt.

Donald Smith

dump trucks

The suspension support rods of our dump trucks are narrow and there is very limited space to access the bolts. Existing wrenches usually take several hours to replace the nut, and may cause injury to the operator and inaccurate torque. However, the TorcStark team provided us with a more controlled method of loosening and tightening bolts according to our working conditions, thereby reducing downtime, and TorcStark’s digital wrench pump can directly set the torque value to ensure that the bolts are tightened. Very convenient and practical.

Aaron Rodriguez

piping systems

TorcStark’s WHCD hydraulic wrench is lighter and more compact than the wrenches we used before. When loading, unloading or moving in narrow areas of piping systems and narrow spaces, one worker can easily complete it. Also it matches EMP304 hydraulic torque pump which greatly reduce the time cost, allowing us to quickly complete the tightening of the bolts in the harsh working environment.

Keith Williams

We had a big project in Saudi Arabia last year, after searching and comparing we decided to buy hydraulic bolting tools from Torcstark due to their sufficient actual working videos and quick delivery time also with very great price. After a year using we could confirm that their quality is as good as the video shows so we decide to buy a large quantity of them in 2021, hope they would provide us same service this time.

Sudhakar Gunnam

We purchased KLCD series low profile hydraulic torque wrench and power pack from Torcstark in 2020, which used in pipes maintenance in Malaysia oil&gas company. The design what we like most is their 360×180 degree swivel joint, which makes no space limitation during working and highly improve the working efficiency, hope we will cooperate second time in the near future.


We are the contractor of many big projects in Singapore, Hydraulic air wrench pumps are one of our most common units during working, we previously purchased them from European countries but their high costs put us under pressure and want to try another new brand for a test. We know TorcStark by accident and after one set test we build a long time and stable cooperation, their stable quality, good after-sale service and lower price really help us a lot.

Karuna Nithi

This is my first time to cooperate with Torcstark in 2021, I bought them a set of HAC model 3 jaws 100 ton hydraulic bearing puller, first of all I am so pleased of their quick delivery time, secondly I like their products very much, full automatic design and wireless control really help us decrease labor cost and improve the working efficiency.

Antonio Totino

We own the biggest oil company in Kenya and are glad to know and cooperate with Torcstark since 2019, their good price and high quality help us win many national bids in Kenya. I still remember that we started cooperation by DLD model hydraulic bolt tensioner, Torcstark engineer helped us give detail drawing to fit our customers’ working condition and finally they finished their projects with them perfectly.


I am Calos from Brazil, I own a company selling hydraulic breakers. That means we need amount of hydraulic bolting tools to assemble and fix my machines. Torcstark MXTD and KLCD model hydraulic torque wrenches perfectly fix my problems. They are made of Al-Ti alloy really light and easy to carry, 360×180 degree feature is suitable in many working conditions.


Due to the pandemic I can’t travel and deeply know the great supplier, Torcstark contacted me on a platform by chance, after days of conversations I asked my brother in Guangdong to visit their factory in Shandong. We are really satisfied with their factory volume and sufficient stocks. The whole factory covers more than 20,000 sqm and there are almost 80 sets of CNC machines. The entire second floor is devoted to stocks stored, that’s almost the biggest factory of hydraulic bolting tools in China I’ve ever met. So we started the cooperation.

Today we went and visited a few potential clients to show them the unit we received.
It was a game-changer to them.
In the few hours, we had to show them it has brought in more quotes for us than ever before.
Every client is impressed by the quality and price of the unit.
As much as they see things on paper to see the unit in person changes their mind and piques their interest.

I commend you and TorcStark on the amazing build quality and value for money.

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