The quick coupler is a coupler that can connect or disconnect the pipeline without tools. That is to say, the quick coupler directly connects the pipeline to realize the connection and disconnection between the pipeline and the pipeline. Quick couplers are used in many places in our daily life. Like the water pipes in the bathroom can’t always be straight. It will easily cause the water pipe to crack if it is bent. At this point we will use the quick coupler to connect a new water pipe. Make the quick coupler straight into the curved shape. Then connect two straight water pipes to make the water flow more smoothly. Hydraulic hose connections, hydraulic wrenches, bolt tensioners, or hydraulic pumps are all done with quick couplers.

Classification by use

The quick coupler can be divided into quick coupler for air, quick coupler for oxygen fuel gas, quick coupler for gas and liquid, quick coupler for oil pressure, quick coupler for inert gas, quick coupler for cooling water temperature and oil, semiconductor fast coupler.

Quick coupler for air: mainly used for air piping, and air tool accessories. Corresponding to its use, there are rich and diverse body materials, sizes and equipment shapes.

Quick Coupler for Oxygen Fuel Gas: Mainly used for general-purpose fuse piping, featuring large flow, durability, and corrosion resistance. The main materials, sizes and equipment shapes are rich and varied.

Gas-liquid shared quick coupler: mainly used for piping of ion cooling equipment, brewing equipment, cutting oil piping of working machines, and car washing machines. Through simple lever operation connection, it can transport liquid, gas, powder, etc. The main materials, sizes, and equipment shapes are rich and varied.

Quick coupler for hydraulic pressure: mainly used for hydraulic equipment and construction machinery. The main raw material should be made of metal that can resist vibration and impact. The sizes and device shapes are rich and varied.

Quick coupler for inert gas: to be used for vacuum piping, and compressor pressure test. Both the sleeve and the plug have built-in automatic opening and closing valves suitable for vacuum applications, which can maintain a vacuum degree of 1.3 × 10Pa when they are separated.

Quick coupler for cooling water temperature and oil: mainly used for universal mold interface. Completely simplify the mold exchange operation, strengthen the anti-rust function, and have various varieties.

Semiconductor quick coupler: mainly used for semiconductor, fluororesin semiconductor production equipment. The main raw material should be made of corrosion-resistant metal or injection-molded fluororesin (PFA) full-resin product.

Classification by structure

Straight-through type: Since there is no one-way valve in this connection system, the maximum flow can be achieved while avoiding flow changes due to the valve. When the medium is fluid, such as water, in-line quick-disconnect fittings are ideal. When disconnecting, the intermediate fluid transfer must be stopped beforehand.

Single-closed type: A single-closed type quick-change joint, the plug body is a straight-through type; when the connection is disconnected, the one-way valve in the joint body is immediately closed, which effectively prevents fluid leakage. Single closed type quick couplings are ideal for compressed air equipment.

Double-closed type: When the double-closed type quick-change joint is disconnected, the one-way valves at both ends of the joint are closed at the same time, while the medium remains in the pipeline and the original pressure can be maintained.

Safe and non-leakage type: The valve in both the joint body and the plug body is flush with the end face, with minimal residual dead angle. This ensures that when disconnecting, there is no leakage of the medium. This design is especially suitable for corrosive media or sensitive environments, such as clean rooms, chemical plants, etc.


Exchange function: accessories for air pressure, hydraulic tools, air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and metal mold-related machinery.

Maintenance function: maintenance of the cooling device of the computer and the oil cylinder of the die-casting machine.

Test function: the test of vacuum, pressure resistance, leakage, operation, etc.

Conveying function: conveying, handling and conducting functions of solids such as bolts and nuts.

Filling function: inert gas, nitrogen, PG, carbonic acid.

Connection functions: fishing rods, fixing parts for pocket CDs, connections for mobile operations, and uses other than fluid transportation.

How to choose a hydraulic quick coupler

1. For the type and temperature of the fluid, please select the quick connector of the body material and the sealing material suitable for the type and temperature of the fluid. Depending on the fluid, the suitable body material and seal material are different. For example, if the quick coupler medium is water, choose brass or stainless steel.

2. The use environment of the quick coupler. Please select the quick connector with the structure and material suitable for the usage environment. The type, body material and sealing material of the quick coupler should be considered in consideration of the humidity conditions of the use environment, the condition of dust, and the use environment such as easy corrosion.

3. The pressure of the liquid. Please select a quick coupling suitable for the pressure resistance of the fluid pressure. The pressure of the fluid is also the key to selecting a quick coupler. The quick coupler for hydraulic pressure is serialized between 5.0Mpa (51kgf/cm²)-68.6Mpa (700kgf/cm²), and the structure of the quick coupler is also different according to the pressure resistance characteristics.

4. The shape and size of the installation. Please order the product after confirming the final shape and size. Please determine the type and material of the quick coupler, and specify the fitting shape and size corresponding to the piping characteristics. Note that dimensions are relative to fluid flow.

5. The structure of the automatic switch valve. Please select a quick coupler with a valve structure suitable for the piping application. For the structure of the valve, there are two-way on-off type, one-way on-off types and two-way open types. Except for the two-way switch type, fluid flows out of the piping during separation.

6. Confirm that the selected quick coupler connection threads are consistent. In the process of using products of different brands, it is best to use the male and female heads of the same brand together. If they must be used interchangeably, it is best to consult the technical staff of the product supplier before use, and then use them after confirmation.


1. Time-saving and labor-saving: When disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit through the quick coupler, the action is simple, saving time and labor.

2. Fuel saving: When the oil circuit is broken, the one-way valve on the quick coupler can close the oil circuit, and the oil will not flow out, avoiding the loss of oil and oil pressure.

3. Environmental protection: When the quick coupler is broken and connected, the oil will not spill and leak, protecting the environment.

4. The equipment is broken down into parts, which is convenient for transportation: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be portable can be disassembled and transported using a quick coupler, and then assembled and used after arriving at the destination.

Application examples

On-site quick repair and replacement

Some large construction machinery, such as drilling rigs, large hoisting machines, etc., in harsh working conditions, the pipeline may have problems at any time. At this time, it is necessary to replace the pipeline parts in time. If the maintenance time is longer, the cost will be greater than the loss, so it is necessary to replace parts quickly to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. Therefore, in order to achieve this function, the application of hydraulic quick coupler is the best choice. In addition, there is usually a large amount of hydraulic oil left in the hydraulic system. If the control is not good during the splitting process, a large amount of medium oil will be leaked. On the one hand, it will cause a lot of waste, on the other hand, it will cause great pollution to the environment, and Very bad to clean up. Both ends of the hydraulic quick coupler are integrated with one-way valves, so during the process of disassembly and installation, there will be no leakage of medium oil in the system, which plays a very good role in guaranteeing the rapid and smooth progress of inspection and maintenance.

The need for long-distance transportation

Large-scale equipment or large-scale hydraulic systems are composed of many parts. After one project is over, construction machinery and equipment need to rush to the next project site, and often need to be disassembled and transported, because several large trailers cannot be loaded. Not the overall transportation and the cost will be very high. Therefore, it needs to be disassembled and assembled on site and then transported. The only thing that can guarantee this kind of quick connection and ensure the safety of the system and not leak is only the hydraulic quick coupler.

The need for fast system switching

Large-scale hydraulic systems sometimes require system switching. For example, in the process of section steel rolling, some stand mechanisms need to be overhauled, and the same stand needs to be switched repeatedly. During the switching process, the hydraulic pipeline needs to be quickly disassembled and installed, so as to achieve rapid system switching. At this time, the application of a quick coupler is the best choice. And in many cases, the system needs to be switched or repaired during operation, which requires operation under pressure. The problem with pressurized operation is the need to dismantle and replace parts at several hundred kilograms of system pressure. The hydraulic quick coupler can quickly plug and unplug the joint under the residual pressure of several hundred kilograms, so as to realize the rapid disassembly and installation of the pipeline.


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