Across the north-south and east-west hemispheres, from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to northern Europe, the Netherlands, southern Europe, Italy, and then to the United Arab Emirates in the Arabian Gulf, the engineering footprint of steel strand jacks spread all over the world. This is a small machine from bridge concrete construction. Its engineering capabilities are so powerful that the translation and lifting of large-scale projects are actually realized in the form of “rope” pulling.

Oil platform superstructure in the Gulf of Mexico is translated into the sea

In the oil exploration and construction project in the Gulf of Mexico in 2013, the ultra-large tonnage offshore platform weighing 7,000 tons went offshore, and the steel strand jack provided it with a tensile force of up to 1,500 tons and super stability. It successfully ensures that large items enter the designated sea area.

Offshore platform hoisting and maintenance work off the coast of the Netherlands

An engineering company contracting maintenance of offshore engineering platforms needs to carry out lifting and maintenance operations on a semi-submerged oil and gas platform. The company used a total of 16 sets of steel strand lifting jacks and 120 tons of assembled structural modules for the project. The relevant structure of the offshore platform was raised to the required safety height, and the maintenance work was completed perfectly.

Translation installation of the world’s first LNG regasification unit in Italy

In 2007, in the Italian Adriatic LNG project, the world’s first LNG regasification device built by 90,000 cubic meters of cement and 30,000 tons of steel frame required the lifting engineering company Fagioli to come up with a hoisting and skidding solution. Fagioli uses HSK-Series skid systems and HSL-Series heavy duty hoisting strand jacks. The two systems work together to provide a solution that can simultaneously solve the skidding and hoisting of 3000 tons of modules and equipment on uneven ground.

Lifting and hoisting of a 2000-ton steel roof at the UAE International Airport

At Abu Dhabi International Airport in the United Arab Emirates, there are three steel roofs weighing 2,000 tons. After these big guys are prefabricated on the ground, they will be hoisted to a height of 40 meters. In order to complete the construction of a large hangar in the international airport that can accommodate multiple Airbus A380 aircrafts for maintenance and repair at the same time, the constructor implements synchronous lifting through steel wire jacks on multiple anchor points, ensuring that the hoisting of the three roofs was completed before the limited construction period.