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1. New modern brushless motor, high power output, very precise and efficient even low battery.
2. High accuracy of +/-5%, recalibration system makes the tool more accurate.
3. Programmable preset torque settings.
4. The powerful 18V 8Ah battery reaches up to 300 bolting cycles per battery charge.
5. LCD digital display, be able to adjust torque value every 10 Nm.

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

Min (N.m)10010020020050080010002000
Max (N.m)500800160020003000400060008000
Drive S3/4”3/4”1”1”1”1”1-1/2”1-1/2”
D (mm)63656969828892103
L1 (mm)280287327327340355412435
L2 (mm)163163163163163163163163
L3 (mm)4648606080809595
L4 (mm)110110110110110110110110
R1 (mm)3434363646465555
R2 (mm)5656707080809393
R3 (mm)4348585868686565
H1 (mm)260260260260260260260260
W (mm)8080808080808080
Weight (Kg)

TorcStark electric torque wrench gun is the ultimate solution for heavy duty industrial bolting. By setting the desired torque output on the battery powered torque gun’s display and pulling the trigger, precise, repeatable torque is obtained without excessive noise or vibration. So the TorcStark cordless adjustable electric torque wrench makes bolting more efficient and precise than ever before.

TorcStark rechargeable torque wrench offers unparalleled advantages for all types of heavy duty industrial bolting work. Utilizing patented gear technology, the digital impact torque wrench enhances durability, reduces operating temperatures and increases productivity. TorcStark electric torque multiplier, as the industry-recognized standard for high torque guns, has become the most cost-effective electric torque tool with its smallest, lightest and fastest advantages. Electric bolt torque guns are widely used in petroleum, chemical, wind turbine construction, military, defense and nuclear power, etc. due to their higher durability, power-to-weight ratio, functionality, usability, portability, convenience and expandability. The accuracy, safety of the battery powered torque multiplier makes it the ultimate solution for strength and portability in industrial bolting work worldwide. The battery operated torque gun is 18V 8A battery powered, with super torque range from 120 Ft Lbs to 3,000 Ft Lbs, free speed up to 45 RPM. This is the best bolting tool for heavy duty industrial bolting work.

TorcStark cordless torque guns are subject to strict quality inspection and torque calibration before delivery, so upon first delivery, customers will receive a test certificate of the battery operated nut runner test, which includes all test data of the tool.

As an experienced battery nut runner manufacturer, our research on bolted connections has been around since before the birth of Torcstark. We will objectively provide you with bolt and nut solutions based on the best technology and cost.

If you have any questions or technical problems about bolted connections, please contact us. Of course, if you want to know the price of electric torque wrench or more information, Email us will be a good choice.

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