1. New modern brushless motor, high power output, very precise and efficient even low battery.
2. High accuracy of +/-5%, recalibration system makes the tool more accurate.
3. Programmable preset torque settings.
4. The powerful 18V 8Ah battery reaches up to 300 bolting cycles per battery charge.
5. LCD digital display, be able to adjust torque value every 10 Nm.
6. Wireless control optional, data recording system up to 1000 numbers of bolting.
7. Optional transducerized system, higher torque output accuracy less than +/-2%.

Rechargeable Electric Torque Wrench BTW Series : Dimension Drawing

Rechargeable Electric Torque Wrench BTW Series : Parameter

Min (N.m)10010020020050070010002000
Max (N.m)500800160020003000400060008000
Drive S3/4”3/4”1”1”1”1-1/2”1-1/2”1-1/2”
D (mm)63656969828892103
L1 (mm)280287327327340355412435
L2 (mm)163163163163163163163163
L3 (mm)4648606080809595
L4 (mm)110110110110110110110110
R1 (mm)3434363646465555
R2 (mm)5656707080809393
R3 (mm)4348585868686565
H1 (mm)260260260260260260260260
W (mm)8080808080808080
Weight (Kg)

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