1) TSD hydraulic bolt tensioner can withstand a maximum working pressure of 150MPa, which can stretch most bolts.

2) The TSD bolt tensioner has an automatic return mechanism for easy operation and disassembly.

3) The TSD bolt tensioner is marked with a red over-stroke cordon on the side, which can ensure the safety of operators.

4) The TSD bolt tensioner can be applied to different bolts, but the rod and sleeve must be replaced to achieve the correct tightening of the bolts.

5) TSD bolt tensioner is packed in wooden box. TorcStark stocks a large number of TSD bolt tensioners, which can be shipped immediately. The transportation time depends on the transportation method, and the shortest time is 3-5 days. TorcStark provides a one-year product warranty.


Selection Table

ModelBolt size        mmMax load       KNDimension (mm)Stroke      mmWeight  Kg
TSD0M 2030710955232511112885
M 22602527113130
M 24662729115132
TSD1M 2448610974272912013887
M 27773032123141
M 30803335126144
M 33853638129147
M 36903941132150
TSD2M 33814132903644135150810
M 36963947138153
M 39984250141156
M 421054553144159
TSD3M 3998915011042421361501015
M 421134545140155
M 451145050144161
M 481185252146163
TSD4M 52141317413255561541741020
M 561355960158178
TSD5M 56164919813559601611791225
M 601436464165183
M 641506868169187
M 681587272173191
TSD6M 72213122216576761842071235
M 761708080188211
TSD7M 76254425217080801942211250
M 801758585197224
M 851909088199226
M 902059595209236
TSD8M 9531012822151001002142431265
M 100235105105219248
TSD9M 10537933182401101102242541285
M 110248115118234264
M 115260120120234264
TSD10M 115493636026012012026129712110
M 120270125125266302
M 125286140130271307

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