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1) ESD single-stage hydraulic bolt tensioner is mainly used for the fastening and disassembly of 10.9 high-strength bolts, and it can still operate normally under a pressure of 150MPa.

2) The ESD single-stage bolt tensioner is easy to use and easy to operate, with automatic return function and red over-travel warning function, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and ensure the safety of operators.

3) The ESD single-stage bolt tensioner is designed for disassembly and assembly of high-strength 10.9 grade bolts and is designed according to 90% of the elongation limit 0.2. If you need more tensile force, you need to use the next larger cylinder next to the same thread size of the bolt extension head in the table below (for example, for M42, use ESD45 instead of ESD42).

4) More than 90% of ESD single-stage bolt tensioners need to be specially designed according to the working conditions. TorcStark has many years of mature design and field use experience, and will customize the most suitable product for you.

5) ESD single-stage bolt tensioner can be double-packed, aluminum-plastic box plus wooden box. TorcStark stocks a large number of ESD single-stage bolt tensioners, which can be shipped immediately. The transportation time depends on the transportation method, and the shortest time is 3-5 days. TorcStark provides a one-year product warranty.

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

ModelThread D1A/FTensile ForceD2D3D4H1H2H3
ESD 20 M 20×2.53020042526561994
ESD 24 M 24×336290496078822102
ESD 27 M 27×3413805567861025108
ESD 30 M 30×3.5464606174971227106
ESD 33 M 33×3.55057066811071429114
ESD 36 M 36×45567071901171632118
ESD 39 M 39×46080077961271834125
ESD 42 M 42×4.565920831021372037134
ESD 45 M 45×4.5701080891101482239135
ESD 48 M 48×5751220941161582442140
ESD 52 M 52×58014501021281692846151
ESD 56 M 56×5.58516801061351793149158
ESD 60 M 60×5.59020101141421993452167
ESD 64 M 64×69522101201512113755172
ESD 68 M 68×610026001241552284058180
ESD 72 M 72×610528801301682384462186
ESD 76 M 76×611033201391802594866197
ESD 80 M 80×611536101421882675068202
ESD 90 M 90×613046501602103005877220
ESD 100 M 100×614558301782373406685240

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