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1) The DLD bolt tensioner is polished on the surface, so it feels very smooth.

2) The maximum working pressure of DLD hydraulic bolt tensioner is 150MPa, and there is a red overpressure warning line on the tensioner, which can better ensure personal safety and extend the service life of the tensioner.

3) The DLD bolt tensioner is equipped with a tension rod replacement and mechanical return function to help you use the DLD bolt tensioner more concisely and conveniently.

4) DLD bolt tensioners are packed in wooden boxes. TorcStark stocks a large number of DLD bolt tensioners, which can be shipped immediately, and the shortest transportation time is 3-5 days according to the transportation method. TorcStark provides a one-year product warranty.

Dimensional Drawing


Specification Table

ModelBolt size        mmMax load       KNDimension (mm)Stroke      mmWeight  Kg
DLD0M 2033885552325748683.5
M 225925277688
M 246627297890
DLD1M 244861096627299010585.5
M 2772303293108
M 3078333596111
M 3385363899114
M 36903941102117
DLD2M 3381413285364411112788
M 36943947116130
M 39984250119133
M 421054553122136
DLD3M 399891509841511221351012
M 421054454125138
M 451104757128141
M 481255060131144
DLD4M 52141317413253561321451017
M 561355960136149
DLD5M 56164919813559601381541221
M 601446365143159
M 641506769147163
M 681587174152168
DLD6M 72213122216575771671851226
M 761707981175193
DLD7M 76254425217079811671971232
M 801758385172201
M 851858890176206
M 902059395181211
DLD8M 953101282215981001892241238
M 100235103105194229
DLD9M 10537933182401081102032381252
M 110250113115208243
M 115260118120213248
DLD10M 11549363602601201202612971587
M 120270125125266302
M 125285140130271307

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