If your project has strict requirements on bolt pre-tightening force, conventional tensioning tools will not be able to meet your needs, then bolt tensioner will be your perfect choice. The bolt stretcher is very suitable for the connection of high-pressure sealing flanges. When the tensioning of bolts by the bolt tightener machine, the bolt is directly elongated by pure tension, without torsion, shear and lateral force, and no frictional damage to the contact surface of the connection. It is the best method to accurately control the pre-tightening force of the bolt. With the hydraulic bolt tensioner, you can pre-tighten or disassemble multiple bolts at the same time, with uniform distribution, safe and efficient, and is one of the best bolt tensioning tools. TorcStark has many years of research and manufacturing experience in bolt stretcher. As one of the world’s best bolt tensioner manufacturers and suppliers, TorcStark hopes to provide you with the most suitable bolt stretcher. Therefore, if you want to buy a bolt tensioner or want to know the price of a bolt stretcher, please contact us by email, phone, or online support. TorcStark will provide you with product brochures, bolt tensioner price lists and the best bolt solutions!

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A: Basically there are two types, single stage bolt tensioner (also called topside bolt tensioner) and multi stage bolt tensioner. But customized models are also available.

A: In most cases single stage bolt tightener machine is required for example oil&gas, petrochemical industry etc. For multi stage tensioner it’s specially used for wind turbine installation and maintenance.

A: If any customer wants a hydraulic tensioning of bolts, you’re kindly requested to provide necessary information as mentioned below:

  1. What is the maximum tensile force you need?
  2. What are your bolt sizes? M39 M42 or else?
  3. What is the strength grade of the bolt? Usually it’s 10.9 or 8.8. If you don’t know the answer for Question 1, then this one is very necessary to answer.
  4. Do you need topside or multi stage bolt tightening tools?

A: Please show us the model number and picture of your old model, then we will recommend the similar.

A: In this case it is suggested that you just need drop us an email (ID: TorcStark@gmail.com) and our sales representative will guide you to fill in a questionnaire, with this form we will recommend the suitable model for you.

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    What is a bolt tensioner?

    Bolt tensioner is a bolt pre-tightening and disassembly tool. It is like a ring jack installed on bolts and nuts. With the help of hydraulic power provided by tensioner pumps, the bolts are stretched in the elastic deformation zone according to the allowable elasticity of the material to achieve the purpose of tightening or removing the bolts. The biggest advantage of the tensioning of bolts is that multiple bolts can be fastened and disassembled at the same time. The distribution force is even. It is a safe, efficient and fast tool, and it is the best way to fasten and disassemble bolts of various specifications.

    Generally speaking, tensioning machine are also called bolt tensioners, hydraulic tensioners, and bolt stretcher and so on.

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