·HAC-series automatic vehicle-mounted hydraulic puller, automatic hydraulic design, automatic hydraulic lifting, automatic clamping tooling, automatic pulling.

·Pulling wheel structure is with three-jaw design. Pull arm/pull claw is made of ultra-high-strength alloy steel. Double-acting hydraulic cylinder design.

·Hydraulic pump station built-in safety valve, maximum working pressure is 70MPa.

·Wheeled trolley for easy mobility.

·Can be configured with an extension head to increase the length of the piston


Compensation lever specifications

A (mm)150100100
B (mm)250150150
C (mm)70100115

Technical parameters

ModelPuller Capacity T (Ton)Cylinder Stroke (mm)Length L(mm)Width (mm)Adjustable Height of Puller Center H(mm)Minimum Opening length mmMinimum  depth of pullering mmMaximum Opening length mmMaximum depth of pullering mmPower Source
HAC 50503372170824590-11651506751100530380v/ 50Hz
HAC 1001002502295824730-12281505101100425
HAC 15015025025731150820-13152006301100473

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