The Chinese New Year 2022 is approaching. All employees of Jingke Hydraulics wish you a happy Chinese New Year. In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, Pingyuan Jingke Hydraulic Co., Ltd. (TorcStark) will have a holiday.

Holidays are as follows: 2022.1.1 -1.3

During this period, if you have any product needs or after-sales problems, you can still contact us at any time, and our customer service will solve your problems online 24 hours a day.

In 2021, TorcStark mainly produces and sells hydraulic torque wrenches, backup wrenches, bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts, super nuts, hydraulic torque pumps and hydraulic tensioner pumps.

TorcStark has helped a large number of customers to complete their engineering projects (customer evaluation) and won the trust of users all over the world, including users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Arabia, Vietnam and other countries.

“Let customers all over the world use our products” is TorcStark’s long-standing goal. Although TorcStark still has a long way to go compared with many major hydraulic tool brands (Enerpac, Hytorc, Ith, Hi-Force, Torcup, etc.) , TorcStark will always move towards our goal, and strive to take every step to design and produce better hydraulic equipment, with best product quality and after-sales service to serve users all over the world. Let the brand name TorcStark appear in every industrial project in the world.

In 2022, TorcStark will continue to increase R&D investment and launch more products, including but not limited to synchronous jacking systems, hydraulic jacks, more models of hydraulic wrenches, bolt tensioners, etc. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we will reduce production costs, give more profits to our users, and help all TorcStark customers reduce costs and complete projects with quality and quantity.

As this new year is approaching, we once again wish everyone a happy new year. In 2022, TorcStark will work hard with everyone to advance toward our dreams and goals!

TorcStark (Pingyuan Jingke Hydraulic Co., Ltd.)