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About The TorcStark®

TorcStark was founded in 2000 with a registered capital of 15 million US dollars. At present, the company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and employs more than 150 people. TorcStark has developed a variety of products, including hydraulic torque wrenches, backup wrenches, hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic wrench pumps, automatic wrench pumps, hydraulic pullers, PLC synchronous lifting systems, and 3D adjustment systems, hydraulic power units, hydraulic power pack unit, etc.
TorcStark has unparalleled experience in the development and manufacture of hydraulic bolting tools. Compared with the century-old bolting equipment brands in Europe and the United States, we have huge advantages in product quality and price. Today, TorcStark manufactures and sells not only hydraulic tightening tools but also nut bolt tightening tools that use electricity and gas as power sources. For example, our newly developed heavy-duty automatic bolt tightening torque machine is a professional tool for tightening bolt torque. Moreover, TorcStark also provides tools for wind turbines – hydraulic bolt tightening machine, because TorcStark spares no effort in protecting the environment and using clean energy.
In addition, to better serve our customers, Torcstark also provides tools for testing bolt torque, torque calibration services, torque wrench accessories and hydraulic tool repair services. At the same time, TorcStark provides all customers with a one-year product warranty. Within one year, if any industrial hydraulic tools you purchase from Torcstark have any condition, TorcStark will provide free replacement or maintenance services.
TorcStark is committed to providing perfect solutions for the pre-tightening/disassembly of various bolts, mainly serving the construction, petrochemical, oil refining, power generation, mining, oil and gas, shipping, bridges and other industries. TorcStark products are occupying a growing market in the Americas, Europe, Asia and other regions.

Why Choose TorcStark

Top quality, cheap price, one year free warranty service

Are You Still Looking For A Real Industrial Hydraulic Tools Manufacturer And Supplier

TorcStark® have own factory, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, more than 160 sets of various processing equipment such as vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, etc. These advanced equipment ensure our production capacity, and a new plant covering an area of ​​13,000 square meters is under construction, our production capacity will be further improved by then, surpassing any supplier or manufacturer, and the quality will be very powerfully guaranteed.

Are You Still Frustrated That You Don't Have The Right Industrial Hydraulic Tools Because Of Special Bolts

TorcStark® have been focusing on bolt fastening tools for 20 years and have accumulated rich practical experience and customer cases. In addition to conventional products, we can also provide a complete set of bolt fastening solutions, which can be customized according to the on-site working conditions, whether it is a custom sleeve or a custom wrench or tensioner, we have rich experience.

Are You Still In Trouble To Buy All Kinds Of Industrial Hydraulic Equipments

TorcStark® product line is very complete, whether it is hydraulic wrenches, bolt tensioners or hydraulic wrench/tension pumps, hydraulic power unit, hydraulic power pack unit, they are all produced in our own factory. Other suppliers only produce one of these products in most cases, and other products are purchased from small factories.

Are You Still Worried About The Torque Range Of Hydraulic Torque Tools

Take the hydraulic wrench as an example. Our torque range is very wide, up to 140,000Nm. This is not just a theoretical speculation, but is tested on site by customers.

Are You Still Wasting A Lot Of Time Waiting For Product Delivery

No matter what kind of product TorcStark® have sufficient stock, common models can be shipped immediately.

Do You Want To Use High-Performance Hydraulic Equipment To Increase Productivity

TorcStark® have been committed to improving product performance and user experience, and product innovation has been ongoing.

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TorcStark will provide the perfect solution for your project!

After 20 years of working on industrial bolts, we have solved almost all imaginable bolt challenges. Let our engineering team show you our results.

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